Aion Health, Charis Wolf Acupuncture

Aion Health, Charis Wolf Acupuncture
Business Name: Aion Health, Charis Wolf Acupuncture
Name: Charis Wolf
Street Address: 621 E Campbell Ave. Ste 12
City: Campbell
State: California
Zipcode: 95008
Phone: 408.320.6791
About: Charis is a dedicated and dedicated practitioner of holistic health using Acupuncture, herbs, and essential oils. Her focus is on Women’s Health specifically treating hormonal imbalances that can lead to fibroids, cysts, difficulties during pregnancy as well as post partum, supplemental cancer recovery treatments and immune disorders. She also has a love for pediatrics having 4 children in her family, wanting to offer holistic natural health care to all children.

Charis has 10 years of practice experience, is a member of BABI, Holistic Mom’s Network, Holistic Pediatrics Association, Blossom Birth and CSOMA. She received her Master in Chinese Medicine from ACTCM, Diplomat in Acupuncture and is currently working on her PhD from AUCM in Women’s Health with a focus on precancerous conditions.

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