New Zealand

Business Name: Dr Vitalis Acupuncture
Name: Vitalis Skiauteris
Street Address: 4/326 Sunset Rd Mairangi Bay
City: Auckland
State: New Zealand
Zipcode: 0632
Phone: 6494865111
About: Dr Vitalis is highly qualified acupuncturist in Auckland, specialising in treatment of infertility, stress, anxiety, depression and pain. See website for details.
Connect Therapies
Business Name: Connect Therapies
Name: kane monrad
Street Address: 25 somerton drive
City: Hamilton
State: Rototuna
Zipcode: 3210
Phone: 078551651
About: Located in Hamilton I am a traditionally trained Acupuncturist, have a diploma in Qi gong,
I have run a busy practise for many years that solely relies on word of mouth. I try and get the best possible training from top Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors to ensure that I’m learning from the best. This has played a big part in the success of my Connect Therapies clinic. I have been training in doctor Tans style Acupuncture and Master Tung’s style Acupuncture with fantastic results. Connect Therapies are: Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxabustion , Herbs, Electro stimulation,Ear Acupuncture . With a very high portion of my clients I treat are fertility, pain and stress Other Problems in the clinic that we can help you with is:
More energy/stamina, chronic fatigue , Insomnia , Pain relief – sports injuries, menstrual, headaches , Maintenance and well-being, Enhance your immunity, colds and flu’s , Eliminate stress, tension-anxiety and depression , Enhances the healing surgery , Regulate hormone function, menopause, irregular cycles, PMS ,Improve work/sports performance , Women’s problems, infertility, Embryo Transfers, Regulation of cycle, morning sickness, Digestive issues: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel diseases, stomach upsets
Specialties: , ,
Business Name: AcuBalance
Name: Lara Tremain
Street Address: 14 Davies Street, Kensington
City: Whangarei
State: Northland
Zipcode: 0112
Phone: 022 155 7811
About: Acupuncture treatments for effective pain relief, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, fertility, pregnancy care, facial rejuvenation and more.
Holistic Acupuncture
Business Name: Holistic Acupuncture
Name: Zohar Shtepel
Street Address: 99 Saint Andrews Road, Plimmerton
City: Wellington
State: New Zealand
Zipcode: 5024
Phone: 210571751
About: Holistic Acupuncture Wellington offers a variety of health solutions stemmed from traditional Chinese medicine wisdom: acupuncture, massage (tuina), cupping, moxabustian and medicinal herbs. Based on ancient methods of pulse and tongue diagnosis, you can expect a high-quality treatment, tailored to your constitution, diet, and lifestyle.
A professional and safe environment to heal your physical, emotional and spiritual body.
ACC provider & member of Acupuncture NZ
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