Heal Your Acne with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

By Dr. Sarah Emily Sajdak, DAOM, L.Ac Being in practice for over 10 years, I have come across many patients suffering from chronic acne well into adulthood. Most have tried it all—salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, and even birth control pills. Although these medications often improve current breakouts, they do little to prevent future acne, […]

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Detox with Flexibility

Detox is a big buzz word that is working it’s way around the social landscape. People are finding themselves detoxing from everything in their life, ranging from food to clothes, technology to material items, and in some cases family and friends. I totally get it. Everything around us seems to be toxic at the moment. […]

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Ten Lessons I’ve Learned from My First Year

 The first year of your practice will often terrify you, sometimes delight you, but no matter what, it will teach you more than you ever expected. Throughout graduate school I took classes on practice management. I learned a lot of really practical skills: how to write my bio, the format for my resume, and even […]

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Why We Should All Feng Shui Our Homes.

We are so excited to have acupuncturist, herbalist, and feng shui consultant Priya Ahuja, LAc, MSTOM here to tell us all about why feng shui is so important to our homes and lives. Written by Sai Jurawanichkul. Hi Priya, so what is feng shui? Hi! Simply put, feng shui is a way of harmonizing your […]

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lots of ears

Sounds Eery

I remember when I first learned that acupuncturists would administer needles, or ear seeds, in a patient’s outer ear in order to treat them. I was in graduate school and we were required to take an entire semester’s worth of classes learning about the methods and practice behind auricular (ear) acupuncture. When I first began […]

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Effective Treatment of Migraines with Acupuncture

Before talking about migraines, it is important to differentiate between a headache and a migraine headache. In terms of headaches, there are three basic types: tension headaches, cluster headaches, and sinus headaches. All of these headaches are associated with discomfort, pain and/or pressure in the head with pain levels usually categorized as mild to moderate. […]

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Acupuncture is Man’s Best Friend

I love dogs. I love how they make you feel. I love how they are sweet and loving. There are many different types of dogs, and all of them in someway will change your life. However, there are some dogs that get bad labels for no reason other then they are misunderstood. I look at […]

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