Detox with Flexibility

Detox is a big buzz word that is working it’s way around the social landscape. People are finding themselves detoxing from everything in their life, ranging from food to clothes, technology to material items, and in some cases family and friends. I totally get it. Everything around us seems to be toxic at the moment. We feel as though we need to take all the necessary steps towards attempting to cleanse and purify ourselves. Our bodies possess a natural ability to detox from foods. The new age belief is centered on a Minimalist, or decluttering mentality, which can help detox us from all the harmful “stuff” in our lives. However, our minds can’t naturally detox from, or unsee, the various types of toxic “stuff” our eyes witness on Facebook or Twitter. I think unsubscribing from emails, or taking a break from social media, are great ideas that can help limit what we are exposed to. If you are experiencing the need to detox yourself, let your acupuncturist know because there are several points, or treatments, which can be used to help you achieve this goal.

Flexibility itself is just one of several methods someone can undertake if they wish to create a healthier and less toxic lifestyle. Both mental and physical flexibility can help people become more open and receptive to their surroundings. Mental flexibility can help us move on from disturbing images we see on a daily basis. It allows our minds to bounce back to a more productive mindset. One added bonus that your mind gets while receiving acupuncture is being in a room without your phone. This disconnect from the outside world can really promote and strengthen the healing process. Seeing a licensed therapist (social worker/psychologist) is another example of a useful treatment that can be utilized in conjunction with acupuncture.

When it comes to acupuncture points, there are several that can stimulate the detoxification process. The Heart channel governs all emotions but it is specifically associated with joy and sadness. The Pericardium channel also deals with calming the spirit, which in return can put you in a more relaxed and flexible state. There are also other points that can help people be more flexible in life. Points like Yin Tang, which is located in between the eyes, relaxes our mind and centers our mindset. Du 20, which is located on the top of the head, can help us clear our minds and have a better memory. Also, points on the ear, which I addressed in the article Sounds Eary, help promote mental flexibility.

Yoga and Pilates are very common disciplines that allow a person to be more physically flexible. Acupuncture can help with this too. The Liver channel deals with anger, while the Gallbladder channel is associated with indecision. Both these channels can help relieve someone’s toxic emotions, as well as relax the muscles and promote flexibility. These channels do this by moving stuck qi and blood.  Liver 8 is a point found in the bend of the knee and is also referred to as the “Spring at the Bend”. This point calms muscles and promotes a more physically flexible body. Gall Bladder 34, which is located on the lower and outer part of the knee, relaxes and strengthens muscles, tendons and bones. This promotes increased physical flexibility in a person.

While being mentally and physically flexible are keys to a long lasting detox, another important component to staying away from toxicity is achieved by eating right. Our bodies are strong and our organs know how to keep us healthy. However, it is our responsibility to treat our bodies well by eating the right foods. Eating vegetables full of color such as green, red, purple, yellow, all help the body stay naturally strong. Foods rich in fiber like lentils can help fight illnesses by clearing your bowels. Also, healthy teas, such as green teas or herbal teas, can keep you healthy, which in return will help support the detox process.

In the past our only sources for bad news came while watching the news or reading it in a newspaper. Back then if we wanted to ignore horrible events, we would just simply turn off the television or not read the newspaper. However, currently we are overwhelmed and inundated with these horrible events as they are blasted and flashed as alerts to our phones. Graphic videos and even mean words are plastered across the internet and is often difficult to avoid. Even if our desire is to avoid these visions it is tough to erase from our mind, computers, and phones. Detoxing from social media, eating colorful vegetables and healthy food can all help you feel better. Acupuncture can be that added step that helps you heal. Acupuncture can clear your mind which in return can help make you feel clean, grounded, and healthy.

Dana Fine, L.Ac.
Editor In Chief

Dana Fine