Acupuncture is Man’s Best Friend

I love dogs. I love how they make you feel. I love how they are sweet and loving. There are many different types of dogs, and all of them in someway will change your life. However, there are some dogs that get bad labels for no reason other then they are misunderstood. I look at dogs the same way I look at medicine. There are many different types of medicine out there and unfortunately in the medical world, acupuncture gets a bad label. So in a way, acupuncture is the Pit Bull of medicine.


Pit Bulls are strong and loving dogs. Because of their strength and loyalty to their owners, they are often misused as fighting dogs. When taken care of properly, Pit Bulls are wonderful family dogs. Acupuncture is very similar. It is a powerful medicine that can help people with all types of ailments. However, it is often misused by unlicensed acupuncturists causing acupuncture to gain a bad reputation and name. Almost all of the complications from acupuncture are caused by people who are not properly trained, who do not have their masters or doctorate in Chinese Medicine, and who have not taken their boards to be licensed. Both Pit Bulls and acupuncture are misused and misunderstood.

People say they don’t want to adopt a Pit Bull because they look scary. This stigma only exists because we are programmed to believe their strength is scary. If you look into their eyes you will see a sweet dog, which is the same look you will look when you peer into the eyes of a Labrador or Golden Retriever. Often patients will tell me they are scared of acupuncture because they are scared of needles. An acupuncture needle is nothing to be scared of when compared to a medical needle. In reality, about 35 to 40 acupuncture needles can fit into one medical needle. This is why acupuncture needles are more accurately described as filaments. Our filaments are thin and flexible, plus they don’t take blood from the body. Usually when you get treated you won’t bleed. Also, with every point in every treatment a NEW filament is used. We NEVER reuse a filament. We dispose of them immediately. If your acupuncturist is NOT disposing used filaments then they are probably not a licensed acupuncturist. Similar to a Pit Bull our medicine is strong but in a gentle way. Don’t be afraid, embrace the strength.

Like most things in life once we hear one bad story we often find ourselves put off from an activity, or even a dog. However, the truth is we need to find ways to better educate ourselves on the reality of the situation. When it comes to Pit Bulls make sure you talk to a knowledgeable shelter or breeder, and that you train the dog just like you would do with any type of dog. Concerning acupuncture, make sure you see a licensed acupuncturist, someone with their masters or doctorate in Chinese Medicine, and not someone who just learned about acupuncture over the weekend. We would never see a cardiologist who is actually a licensed dermatologist. In order to stop the bad press circulating around both Pit Bulls and acupuncture, we must first find out the truth and research the facts for ourselves. If we do, we might just find that it’s not the Pit Bull or acupuncturist to blame but in fact its more likely the person handling the dog and the filaments.

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Dana Fine, L.Ac.
Editor In Chief

Dana Fine