AcuNat Clinic
Heather Newbold
Shop 4, 220 Walker Street
0405 504 528
Heather has been working as a Natural Health Practitioner for the past 14 years. She has worked in private practice both in Australia and overseas, and worked as a consultant for the Hospital Board in Jamaica, West Indies. Heather's broad range of modalities and extensive experience will allow her to develop a treatment program specific to your needs.
Prior to becoming a Natural Health Practitioner, Heather spent a number of years in the Information Technology arena both as a computer programmer and technical writer. She obtained a Bachelor of Business in Australia, and then travelled overseas to study Naturopathy. Her qualifications in the Natural Health Field include a Master of Science (Natural Health), Doctor of Natural Health, and Diploma of Herbal Medicine which she completed in the USA. Additionally she has obtained an Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture in Brisbane, Australia.
Whilst Heather has wide experience in all aspects of Natural Medicine, her main interest lies in musculoskeletal (arthritis, sports injuries, back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatism) and other painful conditions. She also has extensive experience in the treatment of fertility, skin conditions, anti-ageing and women's health issues.
Heather takes a holistic approach to understanding the processes of disease and uses a number of different treatment methods for a range of health conditions. Depending on your condition and your individual needs, naturopathy, acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, SLM Bodywork or herbal medicine may be used within the same treatment consultation. This ensures that you get the maximum benefit for minimum time and cost.

BO Wha Oriental Clinic
Steven Kim
14 Ilya st Macgregor
Acupuncturist Brisbane offers you the ancient Chinese herbal treatment that can cure various kinds of diseases. With the treatment, you can cure gynecological disorders and can find remedy from infertility. We also provide meditation and relaxation classes that helps you to keep proper mental balance.
The Energy Centre
Philip Strong
11 Fleur Court
07 3390 1790
Drug free resolution to physical & emotional traumas & ailments. SKILLS & TECHNIQUES include 5 Element Theory, Manaka Protocols, ToyoHari Trained.
Conducted 2 workshops for MoxAfrica in Brisbane for Merlin Young & 1 in Sydney at the 2013 WFAS conference.

In 2002, Phil realised that there were strong correlations with the underlying health problems of his patients and the pre-existing surgical or accidental scar tissue elsewhere on the patient’s body. This scarring would cross meridians which clearly demonstrated a solid link to their overall lack of health, some refer to this as Sho. Consequently, Phil discovered and developed a range of techniques using the “Yanagishita” teishin, a gold teishin, or Shi Zhen which is mentioned in the Miraculous Pivot & the Suwen, it is one of the 9 classical needles.
As a result, this amazing technique quickly reduces any form of scar tissue, including keloids, from a severe hindrance of reduced conductivity to enabling the free flow of Ki, so that the scarred skin more closely resembled the surrounding skin tissue reverting to it’s natural skin colour. The damaged tissue was revitalised in the affected area and had regained the lost tactile sensations and reduced the size and malformation of the damaged site.This resulted in a workshop presentation at the 2007 AACMAC in Brisbane.

Philip is conducting Scar Rejuvenation training workshops in Europe, Ireland & the UK in 2014. The USA workshops are being planned for 2015.

Use of Teishins for improved Ki/Qi control/performance. Moxibustion using high quality moxa for direct and in-direct applications.
Lotus Healing Arts
Lotus Healing Arts
Karen Bilton, Ph.D.
Suite 106, 24-30 Springfield Avenue
Potts Point
+61 (02) 8356 9172
Karen is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and registered to practice acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and physiotherapy in Australia and the USA. Her qualifications are Ph.D. (Research Sc.), B. App. Sc. (Physio.), Dip. App. Sc. (Acup.), Ad. Dip. (Ch. H. Med.).

She has been working in healthcare since 1988, practicing Chinese medicine for 20 years and has worked in Australia, UK and in the USA for 14 years. During this time Karen studied Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (CCPD) for 12 years under master practitioner Leon Hammer, MD, Chinese herbal medicine with Andrew Gamble, and sat workshops with Lonny Jarret and Jeffrey Yuen. She also received extensive training in osteopathic manual medicine techniques that have their origins in the USA and are not commonly practiced in Australia.

Karen has completed research in several areas including a 12-month clinical trial, Traditional Chinese Medicine and People Living with HIV/AIDS, A Quality of Life Study and recently her doctoral studies evaluated the reliability of practitioners to apply pulse diagnosis clinically, Investigating the reliability of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (CCPD) as a diagnostic tool in Oriental medicine.

Karen has coauthored a book on pulse diagnosis Handbook of Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis, presented at conferences in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, published articles in peer review journals, and is one of 14 worldwide instructors certified by Dragon Rises Seminars to teach CCPD.

For 10 years Karen was clinical director of a busy clinic in New York City that specialised in integrating eastern and western medical treatment paradigms. Where western medical intervention was beyond the scope of her practice Karen worked closely with her patients’ physicians to integrate their medical care with that of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. This resulted in better treatment outcomes, often saw the reduction of medication dosages and an associated improvement in quality of life. This was achieved across a range of medical specialties including psychiatry, respiratory, fertility, immunological, gastroenterology and cardiology.

Karen firmly believes a combination of western and Oriental medicine stands to offer us optimal health care outcomes. She currently continues her teaching, writing and clinical practice in Sydney.
Angela Knop
26 Mowbray Terrace
East Brisbane
Located within the iconic Mowbraytown Hall of East Brisbane, you are welcome to discuss your health issues/treatment options from a Chinese Medicine perspective in consultation with Acupuncturist Angela Knop. All treatment sessions are delivered within the privacy of the clinic room, with your therapist dedicated to seeing one patient at a time.

Chinese Medicine encompasses a variety of treatment methods, many of which complement each other within a therapeutic session. Treatment may incorporate Acupuncture, Massage (An Mo Tui Na), Cupping Therapy (Ba Guan), Patent Chinese Herbal Formulas - or a combination of these if deemed appropriate to your needs.

Through her practice, Angela has taken particular interest in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, neurological disorders, treatment of acute conditions, management of chronic conditions, and provides stress/relaxation therapy. She also specialises in the provision of gentle treatment for those patients who may be needle-shy.
Olivier lejus
78 livingstone Road
0415 376 083
Olivier Lejus MHSc.BHSC. Registered acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.
Specializing in gentle Toyohari Japanese style acupuncture.Treating female and male infertility, migraine, pain ,and anxiety.
City Acupuncture Clinic Pty Ltd
Mark Crain
Suite 1 Benson House 2 Benson St
07-3870 3800
Second generation Acupuncturist serving Toowong and surrounding suburbs for the past 26 years. Parking is available and I carry a full chinese herbal dispensary including raw, granule and pill formula.
Youthful Dragon
Youthful Dragon
Allen Phillips
28 Latrobe Terrace
+61 07 3368 2640
Youthful dragon offers a serene environment to escape the fast pace of city life. Our spacious clinic rooms and meticulous style make youthful dragon the obvious choice for your personal pamper experience.
Naseema Haffejee
Naseema Haffejee
51 Barker Rd
Acupuncturist, Cupping/Hijama, Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner
Evolution Medical Care
Evolution Medical Care
Andrew Romano
Shops 4-7, 474 High Street
Located in Penrith CBD, Evolution Medical Care specialises in delivering a range of traditional medical services with therapists from such fields as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Remedial Massage and Tuina.
We offer the services of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Laser Acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion, Remedial Massage, Tuina.

Evolution Medical Care is dedicated to focusing on some of the most highly evolved and refined medical approaches. Our emphasis is always on achieving thorough solutions to problems with practical, affordable treatments. Evolution Medical Care strives to deliver thorough healthcare solutions to our patients through an understanding of both Eastern transformations and Western anatomy and physiology.
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