Bob Richards
13 Forestdale Dr.
0404 643 330
Our practice consists of a number of practitioners treating with
Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Numerology, Spiritual Healing,Mediumship, Psychic Healing Reflexology, Reiki,Kinesiology, Family Counsellor.

We also have at our call Personal trainers, Podiatrist and Chiropractor.

Our aim is to specialize in Pain Management, Relaxation and Health.
Amber Fulton
Suite 8, Ross Court, 195 Bloomfield Street
Equilibrium Acupuncture uses the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine to treat our clients holistically.

With acupuncture clinics near Brisbane City, Holland Park and Cleveland, we treat people who are looking for a safe, effective alternative to mainstream medicine.

While most new clients come to us for traditional acupuncture treatments, we also offer a wide range of acupuncture treatments:

- Traditional acupuncture based on inserting fine, sterile needles in key acupuncture points.
- Gua Sha which works by scraping the skin to improve blood flow and speed up healing.
- Moxibustion using smouldering herbs to heat the acupuncture points and stimulate blood flow.
- Cupping which stimulates the blood flow, loosens muscles, releases toxins from the tissues and alleviates pain. Cupping is becoming more frequently requested because of its growing popularity with celebrities, both in Australia and globally

Acupuncture addresses the whole person including the physical, spiritual and emotional levels. At Equilibrium Acupuncture we aim to get to the root of your problem and treat the cause rather than just the symptoms.

Acupuncture is a safe treatment for a wide variety of diagnosed problems or for people who aren’t quite sure what’s causing their symptoms. Whatever your condition, we can advise you on the best acupuncture or alternative Chinese medicine treatment for your problem, be it physical or emotional.

Our philosophy centres on using acupuncture as a wellness tool to help improve and maintain your health.

We’re happy to talk about your problems, questions or concerns before you make a booking and will never take on a new client if we don’t think we can help you.

To find out more about how acupuncture could benefit you, or to make a booking at our Brisbane City, Holland Park or Cleveland acupuncture clinics, call us on now on 0408497513 or email us today to get the conversation started.

Son Son Acupuncture
Son Son Acupuncture
Sonya Rosenbrock
14 Willard rd
+61 439728959
Sonya is a qualified and registered acupuncturist in Brisbane, Australia. Sonya believes that an integration of Chinese medicine and proper nutrition are the key to optimal health and beauty.
The Energy Centre
Philip Strong
11 Fleur Court
07 3390 1790
Drug free resolution to physical & emotional traumas & ailments. SKILLS & TECHNIQUES include 5 Element Theory, Manaka Protocols, ToyoHari Trained.
Conducted 2 workshops for MoxAfrica in Brisbane for Merlin Young & 1 in Sydney at the 2013 WFAS conference.

In 2002, Phil realised that there were strong correlations with the underlying health problems of his patients and the pre-existing surgical or accidental scar tissue elsewhere on the patient’s body. This scarring would cross meridians which clearly demonstrated a solid link to their overall lack of health, some refer to this as Sho. Consequently, Phil discovered and developed a range of techniques using the “Yanagishita” teishin, a gold teishin, or Shi Zhen which is mentioned in the Miraculous Pivot & the Suwen, it is one of the 9 classical needles.
As a result, this amazing technique quickly reduces any form of scar tissue, including keloids, from a severe hindrance of reduced conductivity to enabling the free flow of Ki, so that the scarred skin more closely resembled the surrounding skin tissue reverting to it’s natural skin colour. The damaged tissue was revitalised in the affected area and had regained the lost tactile sensations and reduced the size and malformation of the damaged site.This resulted in a workshop presentation at the 2007 AACMAC in Brisbane.

Philip is conducting Scar Rejuvenation training workshops in Europe, Ireland & the UK in 2014. The USA workshops are being planned for 2015.

Use of Teishins for improved Ki/Qi control/performance. Moxibustion using high quality moxa for direct and in-direct applications.
Acupuncture with Grace
Grace Jones
138 Coppin St
Grace is a passionate acupuncturist with a holistic approach to health. She combines up-to-date research in the field with traditional techniques to successfully help her clients with a wide range of ailments, including:
- Muscle & joint pains & strains
- Headaches & nerve pains
- Hormonal imbalance
- Women's health (including menstrual pain and irregularity)
- Fertility & pregnancy
- Arthritis pain
- Digestive upset
- Emotional imbalances
Dr Anthony Holding
119 Oakbank Boulvarde
We Care..
Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, and Naturopathy Clinic
Our Caring fully registered practioner works with his patients to understand their current condition, medical history and contributing external factors, in order to ensure treatment plans are realistic and successful.
Angela Knop
26 Mowbray Terrace
East Brisbane
Located within the iconic Mowbraytown Hall of East Brisbane, you are welcome to discuss your health issues/treatment options from a Chinese Medicine perspective in consultation with Acupuncturist Angela Knop. All treatment sessions are delivered within the privacy of the clinic room, with your therapist dedicated to seeing one patient at a time.

Chinese Medicine encompasses a variety of treatment methods, many of which complement each other within a therapeutic session. Treatment may incorporate Acupuncture, Massage (An Mo Tui Na), Cupping Therapy (Ba Guan), Patent Chinese Herbal Formulas - or a combination of these if deemed appropriate to your needs.

Through her practice, Angela has taken particular interest in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, neurological disorders, treatment of acute conditions, management of chronic conditions, and provides stress/relaxation therapy. She also specialises in the provision of gentle treatment for those patients who may be needle-shy.
Gary Cheong
3 Birdwood Road
Holland Park West
I am a Qualified Registered Acupuncturist of CMRB and AACMA member. 16 yrs experience in Traditional medicine practice using various techniques includes Balance Method, DNA,Tung's acupuncture,cupping, gusha,herbs,dietary and health advice.
Naseema Haffejee
Naseema Haffejee
51 Barker Rd
Acupuncturist, Cupping/Hijama, Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner
Charlene Jiang
5920 Cleveland Ave.
269 4295189
a member ofNccaom,
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