Authentic Chinese Acupuncture
Name: Hongping Ren
Street Address: 1370 116th Ave NE, Suite 208
City: Bellevue
State: WA
Zipcode: 98004
Phone: 425-646-6888
About: Hongping Ren (L.Ac, MS, O.M.D)at Authentic Chinese Acupuncture has over 20 years experience in medical research and holistic care using acupuncture to treat a variety of health conditions and circumstances with special interests in pain relief, infertility, autoimmune disease, cancer care, auto and work injuries, seasonal allergies, and wellness. Seattle and Eastside residents now have drug-free treatment options.
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Source Empowered Wellness
Name: Simone Ressner, L.Ac.
Street Address: 4666 Cass Street, Suite A
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zipcode: 92109
Phone: 619-761-9544
About: We are the only community acupuncture healing model in Pacific Beach. This model allows us to offer this holistic and natural medicine at a 1/3 the price, so you can afford to get better and stay better. Walk-ins are welcome! All of our Acupuncturists are licensed and experienced professionals. We offer chiropractics, massage, and herbal medicine as well. We are open 30 hours a week so you can get your health sourced in a comfortable, calming atmosphere.
Acupuncture Tribeca
Business Name: Acupuncture Tribeca
Name: Danielle Solomon
Street Address: 44 Lispenard St
City: New York
State: NY
Zipcode: 10013
Phone: (866) 700-4882
About: Welcome to Acupuncture Tribeca, where ancient wellness comes across the modern world. It is my belief everything we need to mend is accessible to us in our natural ecosystem. Nowadays we go up against challenges in our day-to-day life to make our bodies in balance and healthy.

Danielle's Solomon's technique in Traditional Chinese Medicine has expanded from over 20 years of experience in alternative medicine and a search for a system of healing that enables her to help with each patient's special healing technique.
Mountain View Acupuncture
Name: Dermot Grehan
Street Address: 1Allenton Drive, Old Court
City: Dublin
State: Dublin
Zipcode: Dublin 24
Phone: 0857033087
About: At Mountain View Acupuncture I practise TCM acupuncture treating a wide range of conditions including sciatica, arthritis, eczema, shoulder pain and more
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Empirical Point Acupuncture
Name: Sharon Sherman
Street Address: 40 W. Evergreen Ave, Suite 112
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Zipcode: 19118
Phone: 215-247-7100
About: Empirical Point Acupuncture located in Chestnut hill area of Philadelphia was founded by Sharon to help people of the Philadelphia with holistic and natural way of treatment using acupuncture. Sherman is a licensed practitioner of Oriental Medicine (L.OM.) since 2001 and specialized in acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Chinese Medicine.
Saint Lucie Acupuncture and Massage
Name: Claudia-Marcela Munoz-Rivera
Street Address: 1775 SW Gatlin Blvd suite 204
City: Port Saint Lucie
State: FL
Zipcode: 34953
Phone: 772-444-7172
About: Acupuncture, chinese medicine, massage, nutrition, cosmetic acupuncture
Name: Natalie Lehmann
Street Address: 17704 Jean Way
City: Lake Oswego
State: OR
Zipcode: 97035
Phone: 5033082486
About: Using ancient medicine with modern wisdom, I strive to help my patients achieve their health goals. My ultimate goal is to prevent diseases and illness from arising. Through detailed discussion about ones health history, I gain a clearer understanding into how an individuals body works and create a treatment plan specifically for them.

Conditions I treat: Pain, headaches, gynecological health, sleep disorders, eye diseases, digestive disorders, common cold, flu, MVA recovery, cardiovascular disease, just to name a few.

Gentle Wellness Center
Business Name: Gentle Wellness Center
Name: Muyu Zhou
Street Address: 11230 Waples Mill Rd, Suite 125
City: Fairfax
State: Virginia
Zipcode: 22030
Phone: 703-350-4248
About: As dedicated health practitioners, we wholeheartedly believe that your health is your most precious resource and most valuable asset. Without good health, your quality of life is diminished and it’s hard to feel content. Approaching wellness from an integrative, holistic manner, we strive to eliminate the causes of disease and illness while promoting wellness education.

Combining the efforts of general practitioners with nutritional experts, functional medicine associates, and others, our staff works to improve the body/mind/spirit connection to help elevate wellness levels throughout the entire body.

From chiropractic treatments and acupuncture to IPT cancer therapy, we work in partnership with the patients themselves, allowing them to take ownership in their own treatment plan while learning more about the integrative nature of the human body. Our focus is to treat the underlying cause of disease and illness, alleviating symptoms and pain through holistic healing.

Here at the Gentle Wellness Center, we are driven by a mission to empower consumers and practitioners both through education, training, and research. We are here to assist each patient on their journey to optimal wellness.
Emperor’s Acupuncture
Name: Bruce
Street Address: 8 Eddy Street
City: Moonee Ponds
State: Victoria
Zipcode: 3039
Phone: 99881928
About: Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Chinese pulse diagnosis to identify and treat the Chinese medicine root cause of health problems.
Amita Holistic Center
Business Name: Amita Holistic Center
Name: Ttatyana Yakovleva
Street Address: 2940 Brighton 5th Street
City: Brooklyn
State: New York
Zipcode: 11235
Phone: 718-375-1144
About: Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Energy healing, Reiki
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