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Wen health and wellness
Name: Chih-Chen Wen
Street Address: 4415 W. Zoo Blvd, Suite #2
City: Wichita
State: Kansas
Zipcode: 67212
Phone: 316-308-6078
About: Chih-Chen Wen is a Christian Acupuncturist in Wichita Kansas. he loves to honor God through his practice to help heal and honor people through Acupuncture, Massage and various other techniques.
Name: Dr Anthony Holding
Street Address: 119 Oakbank Boulvarde
City: Whittlesea
State: Victoria
Zipcode: 3757
Phone: 0408349392
About: We Care..
Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, and Naturopathy Clinic
Our Caring fully registered practioner works with his patients to understand their current condition, medical history and contributing external factors, in order to ensure treatment plans are realistic and successful.
Business Name: Lien On Me Acupuncture
Name: Jared Lien
Street Address: 4747 Mission Blvd
City: Pacific Beach
State: CA
Zipcode: 92109
Phone: 858-866-3345
About: Jared Lien
Diplomate of Oriental Medicine NCCAOM

Jared is a licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. He is certified by the California Board of Acupuncture, & nationally by NCCAOM. He completed his Masters of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine at the prestigious Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. While at PCOM he studied acupuncture, herbalism, western disease, Qi gong, Tai chi, massage and diet therapy.
Jared has worked as a registered nurse for the last 9 years at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla, CA. During his time as a nurse he has realized the importance of preventative and holistic medicine. He believes you must treat the entire body, mind and soul.
Jared specializes in pain management, sports medicine, internal medicine and geriatrics. While attending PCOM he studied sports medicine, completed clinical rotations in Japanese acupuncture, & trained in pediatrics at Rady Children’s Hospital. Jared understands the importance of integrative medicine and wants to help people function at their highest level.
Name: Desneige Datillo RN, BSN, Lic.Ac. Dial. AC
Street Address: 591 North Ave #4
City: Wakefield
State: Massachusetts
Zipcode: 01880
Phone: 781-246-8588
About: cold laser acupuncture, German auricular acupuncture, traditional Japanese and Chinese Acupuncture, CBD oil therapy/ retailer and researcher, Cytokine therapy, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics
Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies
Name: Robert g Linde
Street Address: 222 2nd street North
City: St. Petersburg
State: Florida
Zipcode: 33701
Phone: 7275510857
About: Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies in collaboration with St. Petersburg Health & Wellness provides a broad base of holistic health care options that can be tailored to your needs. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage, herbal apothecary, Functional medicine, IV nutritional therapy, hormone therapies and much more. We also have a reduced rate acupuncture and herbal student clinic two nights a week. Every November we start our 2 year clinical herbal program and our ongoing lecture series and events. Not sure what services you need? Just stop by and check out the place or ask for a quick meeting with one of our practitioners.
MM 16588
Name: Cristina Torres-Moore
Street Address: 29 E Madison St Suite 1105
City: Chicago
State: IL
Zipcode: 60602
Phone: 312-631-3095
About: Practice founded by a MD who decided to practice holistic medicine to work with patients in prevention of diseases and supporting the body to heal itself using natural non invasive techniques such as Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Gua-sha, Tui-na, Moxibustion and Massage.
Name: Michael Akong LAc, MSTOM, MPH
Street Address: 5850 El Camino Real
City: Carlsbad
State: CA
Zipcode: 92008
Phone: 858-837-2830
About: We specialize in the treatment of pain and paralysis no matter what the cause. We use specialized techniques to more quickly reduce pain and restore function than other methods. We offer a 20% discount.
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