Caring Acupuncture
Business Name: Caring Acupuncture
Name: Tetsuhiro Ueno
Street Address: 2111 Eisenhower Ave, Ste 402
City: Alexandria
State: Virginia
Zipcode: 22314
Phone: (703) 717-9088
About: We offer natural/holistic services such as Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Fertility Support, and Clinical Massage with caring and sincere approach.
River City Community Acupuncture
Name: Pamela Howard
Street Address: 1906 N. Hamilton St., Suite E
City: Richmond
State: VA
Zipcode: 23230
Phone: 804.200.4054
About: Established in 2013, River City Community Acupuncture is one of three community clinics serving Central Virginia. We charge $35-$55 for the first visit and $20-40 for all subsequent visits. Central location, parking lot, and handicap access.
Thunderbolt Wellness Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Name: Janet L. Borges
Street Address: 8401 Patterson Ave. Suite 103
City: Richmond
State: VA
Zipcode: 23229
Phone: 804-405-2330
About: At Thunderbolt Wellness, private holistic health consultations and treatments are provided in a nurturing clinical environment; treating one patient at a time for the most beneficial communication. We work together to design individualized treatment plans that create positive, conscious change in your life and health - utilizing acupuncture, lifestyle counseling and Chinese herbal medicine. My clinical focus is on women's health, complementary support for chronic disease, depression, anxiety, and inflammatory patterns such as arthritis and pain. I am skilled in the ability to engage in honest dialogue with my patients, and have the ability, empathy and flexibility to be comfortable with a wide variety of patterns and individuals.
Teresa Green, L. Ac.
Business Name: Teresa Green, L. Ac.
Name: Teresa Green
Street Address: 17212 Mountain
City: RoadMontpelier
State: Virginia
Zipcode: 23192
Phone: 804-683-2979
About: Promoting great health using Traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, practical lifestyle tips with an emphasis on positive living.
Business Name: Yens Acupuncture & TCM
Name: Peichen Yen
Street Address: 14106 Robert Paris Court
City: Chantilly
State: VA
Zipcode: 20151
Phone: (703) 595-2199
About: Yens Acupuncture & TCM is a calm and welcoming space where you can receive treatment for a variety of conditions. Typical sessions consist of a gentle and healing acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine treatment, and when applicable, heat therapy, electro-stim therapy, moxibustion (moxa) and cupping are also utilized.
Advanced Health Center
Business Name: Kind Acupuncture
Name: Seol Yoon, L.Ac. MOA
Street Address: 46 S. Glebe Rd
City: Arlington
State: VA
Zipcode: 22204
Phone: (703) 521-0644
About: Kind Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine is part of the Healing Medicine team of Advanced Health Center
Sports Edge Acupuncture, LLC
Name: Hon Lee
Street Address: 1033 Sterling Road Suite 105
City: Herndon
State: Virginia
Zipcode: 20170
Phone: 571-306-0533
About: We provide acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage, nutrition and qigong therapy to help patients to stay strong and healthy. We treat the whole patient and not just the symptoms.
Gentle Wellness Center
Business Name: Gentle Wellness Center
Name: Muyu Zhou
Street Address: 11230 Waples Mill Rd, Suite 125
City: Fairfax
State: Virginia
Zipcode: 22030
Phone: 703-350-4248
About: As dedicated health practitioners, we wholeheartedly believe that your health is your most precious resource and most valuable asset. Without good health, your quality of life is diminished and it’s hard to feel content. Approaching wellness from an integrative, holistic manner, we strive to eliminate the causes of disease and illness while promoting wellness education.

Combining the efforts of general practitioners with nutritional experts, functional medicine associates, and others, our staff works to improve the body/mind/spirit connection to help elevate wellness levels throughout the entire body.

From chiropractic treatments and acupuncture to IPT cancer therapy, we work in partnership with the patients themselves, allowing them to take ownership in their own treatment plan while learning more about the integrative nature of the human body. Our focus is to treat the underlying cause of disease and illness, alleviating symptoms and pain through holistic healing.

Here at the Gentle Wellness Center, we are driven by a mission to empower consumers and practitioners both through education, training, and research. We are here to assist each patient on their journey to optimal wellness.
Name: Jeanie Mossa
Street Address: 309 S Washington St
City: Alexandria
State: VA
Zipcode: 22314
Phone: 703-299-0500
About: Jeanie Mossa Kraft MS, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.

Specializes in Women’s Health, Pain and Stress Management, Chinese Herbal Therapy
Jeanie Mossa Kraft is a Virginia Licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist with National Board Certification (NCCAOM). Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Jeanie incorporates acupuncture, herbal and nutritional therapy as well as Bach Flower remedies, EFT Tapping and other modalities to treat chronic pain, stress, immune, neurological disorders and internal medical conditions.
Her specialty is treating painful women’s gynecological issues such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis and dysmenorrhea which she likes to refer to as Screaming Uterus Syndrome.
She is a former faculty member of the Canadian College of Oriental Medicine (Toronto, Canada) and has published three books on traditional Chinese herbal medicine and theory, as well as authoritative articles on the practice of Oriental Medicine. She graduated with her masters degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (cum laude) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She has been treating dogs, cats and humans with traditional Chinese medicine since 1995.
In her spare time, Jeanie practices yoga and meditation and she is also an artist and owner of Planet Calamari Art & Publishing.
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Balance Art Acupuncture
Name: Run Guo
Street Address: 450 Maple Avenue East Suite 311
City: Vienna
State: Virginia
Zipcode: 22180
Phone: 7032685558
About: Balance Art Acupuncture is an acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine center in Vienna, VA, offering multiple traditional Chinese medicine treatments, including acupuncture, herbal therapy, moxibustion, cupping.
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