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Seitz Acupuncture
Business Name: Seitz Acupuncture
Name: Gretchen Seitz
Street Address: 3320 Second Avenue
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zipcode: 92103
Phone: 619-302-6846
About: Seitz Acupuncture is a family medicine practice located in the Banker's Hill area of San Diego, CA.
Name: Donna Keefe, L.Ac.
Street Address: 8950 Villa La Jolla Dr. Suite B129
City: La Jolla
State: CA
Zipcode: 92122
Phone: 858-450-0620
About: The Acupuncture Center of La Jolla has been serving Southern California since 1989.

Throughout the years, we have worked as a part of the community to provide complementary methods of healing that best serve our patients. We coined the phrase, "Chinese Medicine for an American Lifestyle" back in 1989 to establish our desire to bring this most ancient form of healing into the modern world.

Just ask our patients. They are, after all, our biggest advocates. Ask any of their friends and family as well...more than likely, they are patients, too.

We invite you to come and experience the difference that acupuncture can make in your life.
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Name: Patrice Titterington
Street Address: 1904 Eastwood Road, Suite 309
City: Wilmington
State: NC
Zipcode: 28403
Phone: 6176781135
About: Ginger Lily Acupuncture & Reiki was established with the belief that the health needs of my patients are of the utmost importance to me. As your acupuncturist and Reiki therapist, I am committed to meeting those needs through quality health care in which you, the patient, is also encouraged to play an active role in your healing process.

Aiyana Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
Name: Juliette Aiyana
Street Address: 32 Union Square East, Suite 615 North
City: New York
State: New York
Zipcode: 10003
Phone: 646-504-2251
About: Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac. has been in practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist in NYC since 2001 and practiced as a massage therapist since 1991 giving two decades of experience with holistic patient care. She has taught and lectured at several of the top professional colleges in NYC and the U.S. for Chinese medicine and for massage therapy. She authored the book, “Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Healthy Weight Loss” in 2007.
Business Name: Sinatra Wellness PA
Name: Vincenzo Sinatra
Street Address: 777 E. Atlantic Ave., Suite B-4
City: Delray Beach
State: FL.
Zipcode: 33483
Phone: 561-699-9590
About: I have been in practice for over thirty seven years having treated thousands of patients gently, safely, and effectively without the use of drugs or surgery to regain and maintain their health naturally. Currently, a Fellow of the Metabolic Medicine Institute, as well as, gaining Certification in Whole Food Nutrition from IFNH,
Name: Lauren Bellows A.P.
Street Address: 139 NE 1st Ave
City: Hallandale
State: Florida
Zipcode: 33009
Phone: (954) 604-0432
About: Acupuncturist in Hallandale treating a wide variety of ailments with a specialty in pain management.
The Bow Acupuncture & Community Wellness
Name: Kendra Lay
Street Address: 1250 S McDuff Ave
City: Jacksonville
State: Florida
Zipcode: 32205
Phone: 904-834-0740
About: The Bow Acupuncture & Community Wellness offers community style acupuncture in a comfortable and serene group setting. Nutritional and herbal medicine is also available.
Name: Tara Anderson
Street Address: 3120 Kimball
City: Waterloo
State: Iowa
Zipcode: 50702
Phone: 3192363363
About: The Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Clinic has been in business since 2002. It is a calming atmosphere with soft music in the background and heated tables. The clinic specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
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Business Name: OM Wellness, LLC
Name: Yvonne Piper DiplOM, DOM, LAc
Street Address: 5125 S. Kipling Pkwy #300
City: Littleton
State: Colorado
Zipcode: 80127
Phone: 7203879522
About: Pain Management, Sports Injuries & Fibromyalgia. PTSD, Anxiety & Stress. Men's Health.
Business Name: Two Trees Acupuncture
Name: Paula Kearney
Street Address: 1318-A3
City: Charlotte
State: North Carolina
Zipcode: 28205
Phone: 704-770-1318
About: We offer private comprehensive acupuncture and community wellness acupuncture services in the heart of plaza midwood neighborhood. David Bonilla LAc specializes in treating chronic and acute pain presentations by utilizing Tui Na and acupuncture. Paula Kearney LAc specializes in woman's health and internal illness treatments utilizing acupuncture and customized herbal formulas. For more information visit our website or call our office at 704-770-1318.
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