Infuse Health Clinic
Business Name: Infuse Health Clinic
Name: Kimberly Zurich ND LAc
Street Address: 142 High St, Ste 627
City: Portland
State: Maine
Zipcode: 04101
Phone: 2072102388
About: Downtown Portland, Maine I focus on treating pain, both physical and emotional. My practice combines acupuncture (traditional Chinese and orthopedic techniques) and Naturopathic medicine. You will receive treatment that is specifically tailored to you. This will include acupuncture, western herbs, and nutritional supplements. This medicine works with the body's natural healing abilities to strengthen your system and treat the root cause of your condition (so your symptoms go away and stay away.) Patients see relief from addiction, pain, anxiety, insomnia and more! I provide a safe, judgement free space, and all are welcome. My goal is to help you feel your best so you can live your life. Call or email for a consultation. Acupuncture and Western herbal medicine. A unique blend of East and West: I combine my background in research and modern healthcare with teachings of Naturopathic and Chinese traditional medicine to provide the most effective and comprehensive care.
Name: E. Marie Arnberg
Street Address: 87 US Highway #1
City: Verona Island
State: ME
Zipcode: 04416
Phone: (207) 479-2944
About: DECA is a community acupuncture clinic between Bucksport and the Penobscot Narrows Bridge which offers $15-$35 sliding scale treatments in a comfortable community setting five days a week. Please visit our website - jam-packed with information - and nice to look at too. Schedule you appointment on-line at -- easy and convenient!

The hours listed are those in which you may book an appointment. The clinic closes an hour after the last available appointment time of each shift. Appointments are encouraged. Walk-ins are accepted on a space available basis. DECA is a proud member of the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), a multi-stake holder cooperative whose mission is to make acupuncture affordable and accessible.
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Business Name: Classical Acupuncture
Name: Elizabeth R. Schecher
Street Address: 16 Middle Street
City: Hallowell
State: ME
Zipcode: 04347
Phone: (207) 622-0163
About: Classical Five Element acupuncture practice in central Maine.
Bartlett Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Name: Kath Bartlett
Street Address: 7 oak hill terrace suite 3
City: Scarborough
State: Maine
Zipcode: 04074
Phone: 2072190848
About: I am dedicated to helping my patients thrive. I offer significant pain relief and effective treatment of chronic disease and other internal conditions using a holistic approach of acupuncture & customized Chinese herbal formulas. I have been in practice since 2001. My patients' treatment outcomes are higher than reported acupuncture studies.
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Scarborough Family Chiropractic
Name: Elizabeth Doane
Street Address: 144 US Route One
City: Scarborough
State: ME
Zipcode: 04074
Phone: (207)885-9415
About: I am a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in the State of Maine. I grew up in South Portland, and after finishing my education in California I returned home to Maine to raise my daughter and provide healthcare to my community. I love treating: women's health including hormonal imbalances, fertility and pregnancy, I also treat a lot of patients with chronic and acute pain, and emotional problems like depression and anxiety.
Inner Rivers Family Acupuncture
Name: Nachelle Jelenovic, Lic. Ac., MAOM
Street Address: 41 Main Street
City: Topsham
State: ME
Zipcode: 04086
Phone: (207) 841-7802
About: Inner Rivers Family Acupuncture offers customized health and wellness care for the entire family through acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional counseling services.
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Healthy Balance Acupuncture, LLC
Name: Lisa Dulac
Street Address: 94 Auburn St.
City: Portland
State: Maine
Zipcode: 04103
Phone: 2078783003
About: Healthy Balance Acupuncture, LLC is an acupuncture and Chinese medical clinic located in Portland, Maine. The business’s primary service is providing acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment for allergies, PMS, headache, depression, arthritis, stroke, sciatica, hypertension, low back pain, tennis elbow, digestive problems, postoperative pain, neck pain, knee pain, and many other conditions.
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Name: Susan Murch, LAc
Street Address: 165 State St.,
City: Bangor
State: Maine
Zipcode: 04412
Phone: 207.922.7699
About: Acupuncture, herbal medicine, qi gong and meditation instruction, dietary therapy, moxabustion, cupping.
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