Name: Michele Cook
Street Address: 1501 Stonecreek Dr. S. Suite 101
City: Pickerington
State: OH
Zipcode: 43147
Phone: 6146046358
About: Massage and Acupuncture clinic in Pickerington, Ohio. We cater to those in pain. We provide acupuncture, cupping, sports massage, deep tissue, craniosacral, lymph drainage, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage, ayurvedic massage and reflexology.
Name: Clint Cain
Street Address: 801 W. South Boundary St., Ste. B
City: Perrysburg
State: Ohio
Zipcode: 43551
Phone: 618-694-5189
About: Great Nature Oriental Medicine, LLC is a healthcare clinic providing safe and effective remedial services for a wide range of medical conditions. As a client of Great Nature Oriental Medicine, LLC you will receive personalized care that is unique to your mental, emotional, and physical makeup that results in long-lasting relief without the use of drugs.
Founder and director of Great Nature Oriental Medicine, LLC, Clint Cain, is an experienced and caring practitioner who uses his extensive knowledge of traditional acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Oriental medical bodywork to help you live a healthy, happy, pain-free, and harmonious life.
Business Name: Cleveland Acupuncture
Name: Anne Kinchen
Street Address: 25200 Chagrin Blvd. Suite 103
City: Beachwood
State: Ohio
Zipcode: 44122
Phone: 2162929698
About: Cleveland Acupuncture is located in Beachwood, OH and has been serving the greater Cleveland area since 1999. We specialize in treatments for infertility and pain management. We take a holistic approach to our practice and believe in the traditional Chinese approach of combining herbal medicine with acupuncture treatment. We have been successful where many have failed.
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Name: Michael R. Hartlaub, L.Ac.
Street Address: 97 E. Wilson Bridge Rd.
City: Columbus
State: Ohio
Zipcode: 43214
Phone: 330-819-2765
About: Michael Hartlaub, L.Ac, has spent his life studying global healing traditions, and has traveled to Western Europe and Amazonian Peru to study indigenous herbal medicine.
Always seeking to improve upon his understanding of the dynamics of the human biosystem, Michael has made it his life's mission to facilitate partnerships that empower individuals to take further steps in their journey towards optimal wellness.
Michael is a nationally certified acupuncturist and Diplomate in Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He is licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio to practice acupuncture.
Business Name: MedMassage
Name: Christine Kaiser, LAc
Street Address: 401 Euclid Ave, Ste 140
City: Cleveland
State: OH
Zipcode: 44114
Phone: 216-338-7979
About: Christine Kaiser is a registered Oriental Medicine practitioner in Ohio state practicing both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. She has a special interest in treating pain conditions, stress, digestive problems, and women's health issues including menstrual disorders, infertility, menopause, and problems in pregnancy.
Acupuncture of Powell
Business Name: Acupuncture of Powell
Name: Sarah Studebaker RN MS LAc
Street Address: 83 E Olentangy St
City: Powell
State: Ohio
Zipcode: 43065
Phone: 740-919-9292
About: At Acupuncture of Powell, we work with you to develop a treatment plan unique to your health concerns. Whether you've you had acupuncture in the past, have tried everything else without success, or you desire the wellness maintenance acupuncture provides, we welcome you.
Ohio Acupuncture
Business Name: Ohio Acupuncture
Name: Patricia J Ahner
Street Address: 158 E. Market St.
City: Sandusky
State: Ohio
Zipcode: 44870
Phone: 419-557-8076
About: 2nd Location
The Little Healing Room
123 Division St.,
Kelleys Island, OH 43438

General Practitioner - Passionate about the Healing Arts, specializing in Chronic Unresolved Health Issues with the use of Acupuncture and Nutritional/Food Therapies. I offer a unique set of skills when combined have helped my patients return to living life to the fullest.

Some of the disorders I have had success with: all types of Pain and stiffness, wrinkles, urinary disorders, spinal stenosis, digestive disorders, anxiety, stress, excess weight, allergies, dizziness, infertility, phobias, smoking.


Facial Rejuvenation/Cosmetic Acupuncture
Axialtonal Alignment
Neuromuscular Therapeutic Massage
Nutrition Response Testing
Neuro-Emotional Technique
Allergy Elimination
Cranial Technique
Stop Smoking
Acupuncture Health Alliance LLC
Name: Li Sparks
Street Address: 8833 Cincinnati Dayton Rd
City: West Chester
State: OH
Zipcode: 45069
Phone: 513-328-5600
About: Mrs. Sparks is nationally certified by NCCAOM and is licensed to practice acupuncture by the Ohio and Kentucky Medical Boards. Mrs. Sparks has over 26 years experience in acupuncture and medical research. She specializes in pain relief, including neck, shoulder, back, and joint pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, headaches, migraines, painful menses, stroke paralysis, Bell's palsy, depression, anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, gastrointestinal issues, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, OB/Gyn disorders.

Mrs. Sparks was trained as a physician in China in both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, with a specialty in acupuncture. She graduated from Yunan university of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1985, and then completed 2 years of advanced acupuncture training. Early in Mrs. Sparks' career she worked under the supervision of Zunxin Guan, one of foremost acupuncture experts in Yunan, China. Later on Mrs. Sparks was a principal clinical researcher running projects funded by China's Bureau of Traditional Chinese medicine and material medica. Mrs. Sparks also worked seven years at the University of Cincinnati College of medicine in cardiology research. Overall she has been involved in Acupuncture practice, Chinese herbal medicine, and biomedical research more than 26 years.
Name: Lisa Hicks
Street Address: 1916 Tamarack Rd
City: Newark
State: OH
Zipcode: 43055
Phone: 749-334-0485
About: Certified by NCCAOM and Licensed by The State of Ohio State Medical Board since 2008.
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Name: Melanie Campbell
Street Address: 830 E Johnstown Rd, Suite C
City: Gahanna
State: OH
Zipcode: 43230
Phone: 6145847989
About: Fine Balance Acupuncture is committed to helping you find optimal health and well-being. You may be dealing with chronic or acute pain, insomnia, a high stress job, fertility issues or migraines. Regardless of what may be ailing you, acupuncture is a natural and effective medical option that can not only treat an illness but prevent it.
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