Metsuyan Wellness
Business Name: Metsuyan Wellness
Name: Nikki Richman
Street Address: 8712 Honeybee LN
City: Bethesda
State: MD
Zipcode: 20817
Phone: 301.828.8856
About: I'm passionate about health and well-being. In addition to being an Acupuncturist, I have a background in psychology and find this works really well with people who are struggling with emotional as well as physical issues.
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Name: Lisa Marie Price
Street Address: 121 Congressional Ln #404
City: Rockville
State: MD
Zipcode: 20852
Phone: 240-780-9130
About: Here at our Rockville, MD acupuncture center, we specialize in a different style of acupuncture therapy, not widely available. This method is more than 2000 years old and comes from the I Ching, one of the oldest books in the world. This method has several names such as: I Ching Acupuncture, The Balance Method, or Distal Point Acupuncture. No matter what you call it, the effects often seem miraculous to patients.

We commonly use points that are distant from the site of the symptom. Pain relief frequently occurs in seconds and long lasting relief over a series of treatments is usually at least 80%.

We have successfully treated patients with a wide variety of health conditions over the last twenty years, and we can help you too!
Business Name: Kraus Acupuncture
Name: Michele Kraus, L.Ac.
Street Address: 345 Main Street
City: Laurel
State: Maryland
Zipcode: 20707
Phone: 443-794-4682
About: Five Element Acupuncture treats the person as a whole; something that can be absent from Western medicine where we see several doctors to tend our whole person. Five Element acupuncture is natural, ancient, and simple form of medicine that works to help the person find their natural balance. Instead of looking at a person like a list of separate symptoms, Five Element Acupuncture looks at the person as a whole. Taking in the physical, the mental, and the spiritual; it is all encompassing way of looking at life and healing. Acupuncture is an ancient system of health care based on natural laws of healing, involving the movement of vital energy. This energy, called qi (pronounced chi), moves in pathways called meridians which support the functions of the body, mind, and spirit. When qi is not moving smoothly in the body; imbalances begin to surface in the form of symptoms. Acupuncture addresses the root cause of these symptoms, and creates a deep and lasting healing.

Acupuncture assists in treating immediate acute symptoms, as well as underlying chronic imbalances to a person’s well being by improving overall health and immunity. Many people say they have greater energy and focus following treatment. Early treatment can help prevent more serious health problems from arising. Many people committed to a healthy lifestyle use acupuncture to help them maintain their well being. Treatments are uniquely designed for each patient in this highly personal form of medicine.
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Name: Sang Lee
Street Address: 8808 Centre Park Drive Suite 208
City: Columbia
State: Maryland
Zipcode: 21045
Phone: 410-997-0987
About: Chiropractic, Acupuncture
Auriculotherapy Seminars
Name: John Howard
Street Address: 11223 Minstrel Tune Drive
City: Germantown
State: MD
Zipcode: 20876
Phone: 301-515-7272
About: John Howard completed his degree in acupuncture from the Maryland Institute of Traditional Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland. John holds two professorships; one in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the other in Western Medicine from George Washington University (GWU). Professor (Prof) Howard lectured on suturing and minor trauma management.

Upon completion of his degree Prof Howard entered into a five-year fellowship with the US military under the direction of Dr. Richard Niemtzow, MD, PHD. Prof Howard is both a clinician and an Academician. As an academician, he provides national and international lectures in acupuncture and auriculotherapy. He has authored five books and 21 articles on these two fields. He is also dedicated to the promotion of knowledge and has been awarded the dissemination of seminal works of Dr. Raphael Nogier (The RAFT (Radial Artery Food Test) and of Dr. René Bourdiol (Elements of Auriculotherapy).

In 2014 Prof Howard served as the vice president of the 8th International Symposium of Auriculotherapy in the United States. In 2016 Prof Howard became a consultant for ZeroMed (a holistic medical goods company) to design auriculotherapy protocols. Currently he is the President of the United States branch of the Raphael Nogier School of Auriculotherapy.


John is currently conducting studies on the use of Auriculotherapy in distance runners to enhance performance. Some of men on team USA who won the world 100k gold medal in the Nederland’s in 2011 used his protocol.

Name: Megan Sienicki, L.Ac.
Street Address: 10 S Hanson St. Ste. 6
City: Easton
State: MD
Zipcode: 21601
Phone: 8082280033
About: Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - 2012.
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Meridian Therapy, Chinese herbs
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Lotus Pathways
Business Name: Lotus Pathways
Name: Laura Rose
Street Address: 8555 16th Street, Suite 402
City: Silver Spring
State: MD
Zipcode: 20910
Phone: 301-351-1302
About: Laura Rose offers safe, effective pain relief,ease from anxiety, depression, stress, and infertility at A Lotus Path Acupuncture,Yoga and Coaching Services Silver Spring MD.
Name: Marie Pierre Nuthall
Street Address: 607B Dutchmans Lane
City: Easton
State: Maryland
Zipcode: 21601
Phone: 410-770-9400
About: A graduate of Maryland's University for Integrative Health, Marie's goal is that each of her patients finds their true expression of health and wellness with acupuncture.
Business Name: Ark Acupuncture
Name: Janice Novak
Street Address: 3712 Halter Rd
City: Westminster
State: MD
Zipcode: 21158
Phone: 443-421-1964
About: Janice (Jan) is a licensed acupuncturist currently practicing in Westminster, MD. Jan has experience in working with children, concussions, women and men's hormonal issues, general pain, back pain, phantom limb pain and mobility issues. She has worked extensively with chiropractors and nutrition. Jan enjoys the challenge of mystery health problems.
Vibrant Health Acupuncture & Wellness Center LLC
Name: Dawn R. Gifford, MAOM, LAc.
Street Address: 260 Gateway Drive
City: Bel Air
State: Maryland
Zipcode: 21014
Phone: 410-913-8322
About: Welcome to Vibrant Health Acupuncture & Wellness Center!

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are among the oldest and most effective pathways to natural healing. Whether you wish to relieve pain, treat a chronic condition, or decrease stress and improve your overall well-being, you've come to the right place.

Based in Bel Air, MD, we specialize in affordable Traditional Chinese Medicine. Vibrant Health Acupuncture & Wellness Center LLC will help you feel better every day.

Strong families build strong communities! Contact us today!
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