Name: Natalie Lehmann
Street Address: 17704 Jean Way
City: Lake Oswego
State: OR
Zipcode: 97035
Phone: 5033082486
About: Using ancient medicine with modern wisdom, I strive to help my patients achieve their health goals. My ultimate goal is to prevent diseases and illness from arising. Through detailed discussion about ones health history, I gain a clearer understanding into how an individuals body works and create a treatment plan specifically for them.

Conditions I treat: Pain, headaches, gynecological health, sleep disorders, eye diseases, digestive disorders, common cold, flu, MVA recovery, cardiovascular disease, just to name a few.

Business Name: Havens Acupuncture
Name: Shalena Havens
Street Address: 2025 se Jefferson st, 106
City: Milwaukie
State: OR
Zipcode: 97222
Phone: (503)886-9708
About: Graduated 2004 Masters Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine from OCOM. BA in Biological Sciences from Univ Alaska Anch 2000.
Specialties: ,
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Name: Ondria Holub
Street Address: 999 NW Circle Blvd. (Located in NW Health and Healing Center)
City: Corvallis
State: Oregon
Zipcode: 97330
Phone: 541-754-2225
Business Name: Yin Yang Acupuncture
Name: Dennis Kasunic
Street Address: 505 NW 9th Ave
City: Portland
State: OR
Zipcode: 97209
Phone: 503-238-5920
About: I am a licensed acupuncturist and my approach is to treat your whole body, addressing underlying causes of disease before they have a chance to manifest. If you suffer from acute/chronic pain conditions, sports injuries, insomnia, anxiety, depression, digestion issues, allergies, asthma or have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or in a workplace injury, please call me at 503-238-5920. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treat the root of a condition, not just the symptoms.
Benevolence Healing Arts & Gresham Community Acupuncture
Name: Forrest Wilburn L.Ac & Chi Wilburn L.Ac
Street Address: 311 NE Roberts Avenue
City: Gresham
State: Oregon
Zipcode: 97030
Phone: 5036698880
About: Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine for Everyone!
We offer private and community style treatments to facilitate each person's unique healthcare needs.
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The Vital Compass
Business Name: The Vital Compass
Name: Alison Loercher
Street Address: 5412 N Williams ave
City: Portland
State: OR
Zipcode: 97217
Phone: 971-373-8378
About: The Vital Compass is an acupuncture, massage and herbal clinic featuring a full Chinese & Western herbal pharmacy including bulk, granule, tincture & patent herbs as well as many healthcare accessories. It is open to all practitioners who would like to use it for their prescriptions.
Name: Natalie Mich LAc
Street Address: 1300 John Adams St STE 119
City: Oregon City
State: OR
Zipcode: 97045
Phone: 503-868-1496
About: Family Care is an Acupuncture Clinic that specializes in creating a personalized treatment experience for our patients.  We combine Eastern Medicine with Western Nutrition to naturally address your concerns from every angle.  Call today for a FREE consultation to learn more!
Name: Aria Walker
Street Address: 1355 S Hemlock St, POB 1292
City: Cannon Beach
State: Oregon
Zipcode: 97110
Phone: 503-436-2255
About: Five Element Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Walk-in Community Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Cupping, Moxibustion
Rose City Acupuncture
Business Name: Rose City Acupuncture
Name: Sharon Rose
Street Address: 3806 SE Belmont St
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Zipcode: 97214
Phone: 503-964-3422
About: Acupuncture, acupressure, and medical massage. Acupuncture techniques include TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Japanese style, Korean, Tan, ah shi, and 5 Element. Osteopathic Bodywork (medical massage) is based on neurology and connective tissue anatomy. Techniques include muscle energy, Still technique, Trager, percussion, and myofascial release. Slow, gentle movements help retrain chronically tight muscles and reset their level of tension. This generates better blood flow, speeds healing, and increases flexibility. OMM (Osteopathic Musculoskeletal Manipulation) corrects problems long-term by addressing the muscles that actually pull bones out of place. Once the muscles are relaxed, any misaligned bones can be eased into their proper position. Results are more lasting than with a traditional massage. Pretty pre-printed gift certificates are available. Corporate day events, and house calls may be scheduled with an additional charge based on location. Accident insurance accepted. Sessions range from $55 (acupuncture or massage only) to $90 for a regular session including both. Ask about discount packages. Smoking cessation treatments are FREE.
Columbia River Acupuncture, LLC
Name: Charles Cannon
Street Address: 700 E. Port Marina Dr.
City: Hood River
State: Oregon
Zipcode: 97031
Phone: 541-386-8767
About: Charles Cannon, LAc is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, operating in the Gorge (Columbia River Gorge) with two offices in Hood River and Mosier, OR.
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