Mend Family Acupuncture and Healthcare
Name: Stacy Lauren-Kon
Street Address: 1932
City: Hillhurst Avenue
State: California
Zipcode: 90027
Phone: 3234592000
About: I have worked with adults, children and the elderly and am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can benefit you and your family. Together, and with your Western M.D., we can work toward achieving more comprehensive health and wellness for you.
Name: Victoria Clamor
Street Address: 1749 S Euclid Avenue
City: Ontario
State: California
Zipcode: 91762
Phone: 909-272-0300
About: Acupuncture Clinic
Reproductive Wellness
Business Name: Reproductive Wellness
Name: Marc Sklar, LAc, FABORM
Street Address: 2820 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 104
City: San Diego
State: California
Zipcode: 92108
Phone: 858-381-2281
About: 3 locations:
Central San Diego: 2820 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 104, San Diego, Ca. 92108
Sorrento Valley: 6370 Lusk Blvd, Suite F103, San Diego, Ca. 92121
Temecula: 27450 Ynez Road Suite 110C, Temecula, CA. 92591
Name: Deborah Warshauer, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), FABORM
Street Address: 22554 Ventura Blvd, Suite 129
City: Woodland Hills
State: CA
Zipcode: 91364
Phone: 818-222-1001
About: Deborah has been an acupuncturist for 28 years specializing in women's health, pain management & sleep issues.
Justin Ehrlich, L.Ac.
Business Name: Justin Ehrlich, L.Ac.
Name: Justin Ehrlich
Street Address: 4443 30th St, Suite 210
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zipcode: 92116
Phone: 619-535-1876
About: Drawn to many of the mystical practices that originated in ancient China for most of my life, I’ve been a California state licensed acupuncturist since 2002 and a student of the Jade Purity branch of Daoism since 2001.

After many years of questioning the nature of reality, and using these practices to work through my own struggles, heal old wounds, and find a deeper connection to the Divine, I’ve personally seen just how powerful and transformative this path can be.

It has been my blessing to hold space for the journey of my clients and students many times over and I’m constantly inspired by the strength and beauty of the human spirit.

My studies of medicine, meditation, philosophy, mindfulness-based practices, and religion have always been focused on the practical application of these subjects in the lives of my clients and myself.
Business Name: Alameda Acupuncture
Name: Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac. DAOM
Street Address: 2258 Santa Clara Avenue, Suite 1
City: Alameda
State: CA
Zipcode: 94501
Phone: 510-814-6900
About: Alameda Acupuncture is a group of Traditional Chinese Medical practitioners led by Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac. DAOM. Our practitioners work cooperatively and coordinate care. Our patients have the option to come in six days a week including some evenings and know that we can provide care a moment's notice. This is especially helpful with urgent care orthopedics, colds and flu and in integrative fertility treatments. Offerings include acupuncture, electroacupuncture, cupping, moxabustion, custom herbal prescriptions, supplements, dietary therapy, tui na orthopedic massage, chi nei tsang abdominal massage, exercise and diet plans and cutting edge low-cost laboratory testing, free educational workshops and seminars designed to promote community and sustain the effects of treatment.
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Bachman Acupuncture & Integrative Health
Name: Chad Bachman LAc MSAOM
Street Address: 8322 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Ste 101
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zipcode: 92111
Phone: 858-349-1700
About: We combine the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the latest research into the science of acupuncture, medical herbalism, and vitamin/nutritional supplements. This allows us to effectively treat patients using a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific health needs.
Gigi, Acupuncture
Business Name: Gigi, Acupuncture
Name: Gigi Shames LAc NHD
Street Address: 7840 Old Redwood Hwy
City: Cotati
State: CA
Zipcode: 94931
Phone: 4152330165
About: Hi I'm Gigi Shames, A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist as well as a doctor of natural health, living and working here in beautiful Sonoma County, California. I specialize in reducing your pain, balancing your hormones, helping you get pregnant, and relieving your anxiety. You can now book online just by clicking "Schedule Now" on my website - it only takes a few moments and is very convenient.
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Griffo Botanicals
Business Name: Griffo Botanicals
Name: Frank Griffo
Street Address: 179 H Street
State: California
Zipcode: 94952
Phone: 7073479893
About: Griffo Acupuncture provides personalized, holistic acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments. We strongly believe in integrating the knowledge of modern western medicine and the wisdom of eastern medicine to ensure you achieve your goals in the safest and most effective manner possible. We work closely with our in-house team of Physical therapists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, Chiropractor and other physicians and specialists to ensure that you get the exact care and support you need.

Frank Griffo has over a decade of experience providing effective solutions to complicated medical problems. A specialist in acupuncture orthopedics and herbal medicine, Frank is proud to avail patients of this gentle and non-invasive way to treat many health issues with little to no side effects. As a primary care provider, he has helped thousands of patients get through their medical crisis as efficiently as possible and back on the road to health as quickly as possible.
Bina Jangda Acupuncture
Name: Bina Jangda
Street Address: 1738 Solano Ave
City: Berkeley
State: California
Zipcode: 94705
Phone: 510-859-3373
About: Our Philosophy is that by making optimum health our top priority we are better able to handle the other priorities in our lives. When your health is compromised whether through injury or complex disease , it keeps you from enjoying your time on this planet to the fullest. We want to help you realize your maximum health potential. We are here to help you live long, healthy, happy lives. Optimum health goes beyond just the individual’ body since the body can only be as healthy as the environment in which it dwells. We know that everything is interconnected and so we want to do our part in making sure that we are not only treating the individual but the community in which that individual dwells and the environment in which these communities thrive. Our office is paperless, recycles and gives a percentage of our profits back to the community.
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