Los Angeles

Seed of Life Acupuncture
Calley Williams
183 N. Martel Ave. Suite 210
Los Angeles
If you've been wanting to try acupuncture but are squeamish around needles, then Japanese acupuncture is a great way to start. The Japanese variety utilizes finer needles - barely thicker than a human hair. Instead of relying on a chart, more emphasis is placed on touch and palpation to find the correct insertion points. We also do front and back treatments to promote balance of the whole body. I understand the importance of spending extra time with my patients so that we all receive the love and care we deserve.
We are here to aid in your healing process through: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Massage therapy, Fire cupping, Nutritional advice, and Reiki.
Tiratana Wellness Center
Kelly Kim
223 S. Alexandria Ave.
Los Angeles
I am a fully trained and licensed California acupuncturist.
Los Angeles Acupuncture and Wellness
Laurie Binder
12335 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles
(310) 917-9136
Laurie Binder LAc, RNCNP, LCCE has been providing health care for over 20 years.
Laurie uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and her background in Western medicine to provide the highest standard of health enhancement.
Infinite Light Acupuncture
Christopher Cook
1700 Westwood Blvd., Ste F
Los Angeles
Infinite Light Acupuncture offers comprehensive solutions to common health complaints such as chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, and migraine. Time-honored Chinese medicine and herbs are used in combination with cutting edge nutrition to offer immediate results without side effects. Call for a free consultation.
Yvonne Kriens, M.P.H., L.Ac.,
12720 Washington Boulevard
Los Angeles (Mar Vista)
Licensed in California since 1988 after graduating from Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica. Extensive supplemental continuing education in acupuncture techniques and herbology. State examiner for many years; also have Masters in Public Health.
Rapha Wellness Clinic
Jungkyo Park
2001 S. Barrington Ave. #212
Los Angeles
ungkyo has great compassions for his patients, paying close attention to their needs which guides him to create specific acupuncture treatment plans for each individual. His sole purpose is to optimize the health of as many people as possible utilizing Oriental Medicine and to educate his patients, so that they in turn will educate others in the beauty and efficacy of this ancient medicine.
Wellness To Be
Wellness To Be
Bita Yadidi
2001 S Barrington Ave. #220
Los Angeles
Bita Yadidi is a California State Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist. With a strong focus on health and wellness of the whole person—physical, spiritual, and emotional—Bita specializes in female, male and pediatric issues, such as hormonal and aging issues, insomnia, depression, anxiety, weight management, nutrition, immunity booster, digestive issues, stress and pain management.
Los Angeles Mobile Acupuncture
Alma Wayne Myers
7095 Hollywood Blvd, Box 614
Los Angeles
If you are too hurt, sick, or busy to get care, we come to you. We battle traffic and parking for your health.

We deliver the best possible holistic provider for you, to serve you and your family with compassion, dignity and respect as we work toward restoring health, increasing performance, or as we guide and support you through the most difficult time of your life.

Our mission is to build a foundation of support for you comprised of your family, your providers, and our staff members. We will all work together to maintain your quality of life, every single day. It is our goal to keep you empowered in every way possible through our concierge services available at your home, office, hotel, set or most any location throughout the Greater Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County.
Leona Marrs L.Ac.
Leona Marrs L.Ac.
Leona Marrs
3542 Hollydale Drive
Los Angeles
Leona treats a wide variety of disorders and offers nutritional counseling as well. Some of her experience has included: liver disease, allergies, insomnia, pain, low energy, and menstrual disorders. She has been a licensed practitioner for over ten years.
EsTherapy Acupuncture Inc.
Esther Levy-Bremer
1411 S. Cardiff Ave.
Los Angeles
EsTherapy Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese medicine clinic, located in Los Angeles, California, run by Esther Levy-Bremer, L.Ac., California board certified acupuncturist.

The clinic offers a variety of treatments including:

- Acupuncture

- Facial rejuvenation acupuncture- Cosmetic acupuncture

- Chinese herbal medicine

- Nutrition guidance
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