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Ira Wahrman L.Ac
Ira Wahrman L.Ac
Ira Wahrman
93-14 Queens Boulevard
Rego Park
When working with Ira you should expect real and lasting results. All patients will be given treatment to address their main symptom as well treatment to address the underlying cause of those symptoms. Each treatment is tailored to the specifics needs of each individual patient.With the addition of lifestyle and dietary adjustments and some simple exercise Ira looks to not only improve your health but teach you how to maintain it.

What to expect from treatment:

For most chronic conditions the majority of patients should see very noticeable changes within 6-10 treatments. Some patients see changes faster while others see results taking slightly longer. You can also expect lifestyle advice, dietary advice and recipes to help address chronic health concerns. For some patients herbal medicine will be incorporated into the treatment to improve results and strengthen the effects of the acupuncture treatment.

You can also expect honesty. If Ira believes he cannot help you or if treatments are not offering the results expected he will do his best to find you the proper referral to meet your needs. All patients can find relief for what ails them. Ira will do his absolute best to help you. If his is unable to he will find someone that can.
Nan Bakamjian, MS, LAc
Nan Bakamjian
850 7th Avenue, Suite 405
New York
516 426-9638
You will find a unique combination of Acupuncture and osteopathic based bodywork therapies here. Modalities include Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Acupoint Aroma Therapy and Functional Nutrition.
Aiyana Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs
Juliette Aiyana
32 Union Square East, Suite 615 North
New York
New York
Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac. has been in practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist in NYC since 2001 and practiced as a massage therapist since 1991 giving two decades of experience with holistic patient care. She has taught and lectured at several of the top professional colleges in NYC and the U.S. for Chinese medicine and for massage therapy. She authored the book, “Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Healthy Weight Loss” in 2007.
Kat MacKenzie
21 Cooper Street
Glens Falls
Thanks for visiting! Welcome to Acupuncture Nirvana!
When you visit, you'll relax on the heated massage tables with shoji screen room dividers surrounding each table. Healing music is playing, and you relax and let the acupuncture take your pain and stress away.
Robin Maza Acupuncture
Robin Maza
1713 8th Ave
New York
Robin Maza is a licensed acupuncturist, massage therapist, and birth doula. Robin loves practicing acupuncture, as it allows her to help people with a variety of conditions and ailments, and has a special interest in treating and supporting woman throughout the different stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Having studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Applied Channel Theory, she understands that the body is a complex and whole unit, and it thrilled to be able to work in a holistic manner that allows for true healing and rebalancing.
Tina Kellen
237 East Penn Street
Long Beach
New York
I believe that everyone has the Divine Right to lead a balanced and healthy life.
Ann Villegas
3 School Street,#301
Glen Cove
New York
Acupuncture,Cupping,Moxa,Gua-sha are just a few services offered.Many health concerns addressed. It's all about balance..
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Lifted Heart
Lifted Heart
Leah Sasha Schwartz, L.Ac.
236 Kings Ferry Road
New York
Leah Sasha Schwartz, L.Ac. practices Classical Chinese Medicine in Northern Westchester County. She uses Classical Acupuncture, Stone Medicine, Essential Oil Remedies, Dietary and Lifestyle Therapy in her practice. She is Nationally Certified with Diplomate Status.
Natural Qi LLC
Melani Bolyai
80 E 11th Street
New York
We specialize in treating women for fertility, menstrual and ovulation issues, and provide a warm, caring atmosphere that allows a woman be at her optimal level of health in her path to conception. Many women turn to acupuncture and herbs to address issues of infertility and other dysfunctions of the reproductive system. We provide the health-care support needed for a hopeful patient to have chronic infertility issues resolved such as PCOS, fibroids, irregular periods and other menstrual and ovulation challenges, endometriosis, or a luteal phase defect.
New York PAPA Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
380 S. Oysterbay Road
New York PAPA Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
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