Acupuncture For Life
Acupuncture For Life
Dr. Janet Leidy
2032 N. Broad St., Suite 3
Are you suffering from pain and getting no relief? Why not try acupuncture? Dr. Janet Leidy specializes in the treatment of pain and many other conditions.
Newtown Acupuncture and Wellness
Christian Zetterberg
650 Durham Rd, Suite 5
Newtown Acupuncture and Wellness was created in 2016 to provide acupuncture services in the Newtown, Pa area.

Increasingly recognized in conventional medicine for its efficacy, acupuncture is proven to alleviate chronic conditions such as allergies, sleep issues, muscle tension, blood pressure and more. Professionals in the medical community have been embracing acupuncture because they have seen the positive results. Our methods blend modern western medical theory and a deep understanding of human anatomy with proven acupuncture methods
Yong Xu
(31 Arch St.
215 627 8209
Traditional Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, herbs, massage (tuina)
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Balanced Acupuncture
Heather Shoup
2299 Brodhead Rd , Suite A
Practicing classical acupuncture. Trained in multiple modalities including APM, KM, TCM
A. M. Acupuncture
A. M. Acupuncture
Anca Marinescu
1592 Route 739
Dingmans Ferry
(570) 588-8115
Joan Mondress
109 Brittany Drive
Joan has been a compassionate and caring healthcare practitioner for more than 25 years. She began her practice in rehabilitation as an occupational therapist and later pursued acupuncture. Her experience in both of these areas allows her to share the benefits of both western and eastern healing modalities with her acupuncture clients.
Seth Koss, MD
950 West Valley Road, Suite 2301
Wellspring Physician Acupuncture is a Family Practice based Classical Chinese Medical practice that offers care to children and adults.

Classical Chinese medicine considers multiple aspects of a person when identifying root causes of an illness or promoting health. In addition to providing treatment, our practice strives to provide extensive education on the principles and theory of Chinese medicine. Considerable time will be spent discussing the approach of the treatment as well as the Chinese thinking behind healthful living, disease prevention, self-care, exercise and dietary practice. We encourage our patients to read and educate themselves about Chinese medicine and to feel free to ask as many questions as they may have about their care.

Our services include acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, Chinese dietary education and simplified Qi Gong instruction.
The Healing Point
The Healing Point
Meredith Murphy
215 W Church Rd Suite 112
King of Prussia
(610) 265-1827
Meredith Murphy is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Pennsylvania and certified as a Diplomate of Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and has been n private practice for over 10 years. She received her Master of Acupuncture degree from the New England School of Acupuncture in Massachusetts, the oldest school of acupuncture in the country and a leader in the field of traditional Asian medicine. Meredith has been classically trained in Japanese and Chinese acupuncture, as well as additional training in pediatric insertive and non-insertive acupuncture, Korean acupuncture, Five Element acupuncture, and Tuina massage. Over the course of two years, she studied Facial Rejuvenation with Virginia Doran, using acupuncture as an alternative to facial cosmetic surgery.
Vital Source Acupuncture and Wellness LLC
Jacqueline Stefanski
900 Rutter Avenue, Balance Yoga, 2nd floor
Forty Fort
Jacqueline is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Pennsylvania, and is also currently studying Oriental Medicine. She has treated a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, insomnia, infertility, PTSD, depression, anxiety, eczema, asthma, trigeminal neuralgia, coughing, cold and much more. Passionate about her discipline, Jacqueline describes acupuncture as "a vital source of healthcare where medicine and science meet art and spirit."
Schedule your acupuncture appointment today and bring Harmony and vitality back to your body and mind.
Rachel Kriger
200 Northwestern Avenue
I am a Licensed Acupuncturist who loves to help people of all ages feel more ease in their lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There are over 365 acupuncture points on the body to support your body’s innate ability to heal. Anyone who receives treatment from me can learn this art of returning to a state of ease and Wellness. It is my job to stay present with you and artfully choose points to guide you on your unique path of return.
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