Youthful Dragon
Business Name: Youthful Dragon
Name: Allen Phillips
Street Address: 28 Latrobe Terrace
City: Paddington
State: QLD
Zipcode: 4064
Phone: +61 07 3368 2640
About: Youthful dragon offers a serene environment to escape the fast pace of city life. Our spacious clinic rooms and meticulous style make youthful dragon the obvious choice for your personal pamper experience.
Acupuncture on Wheels
Business Name: Acupuncture on Wheels
Name: olivier lejus
Street Address: 78 Livingstone road
City: Marrickville
State: NSW
Zipcode: 2204
Phone: 0415 376 083
About: My name is Olivier Lejus MHSc, BHSc. I am a registered Japanese style acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist specializing in male and female infertility. i have been in clinical practice since 2000. I was employed for 7 years as a casual lecturer and clinical supervisor in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Technology of Sydney(UTS)
Dantian Health
Business Name: Dantian Health
Name: Jason Chong
Street Address: 28 Kurrak Rd
City: Yarrambat
State: VIC
Zipcode: 3091
Phone: 0424883409
About: Dantian Health is a clinic for Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Yarrambat, servicing the Diamond Valley community. The goal is to help empower you to reclaim your health and vitality.
The body has an innate ability to heal. It reveals what it needs through subtle visual and textural signs. These manifestations reflect the underlying imbalances preventing your body from returning to a state of wellness.
Jason has a palpation-based approach to treatment, examining the pulse, abdomen and channels to identify these imbalances. Listening to these signals allows him to both establish a diagnosis and observe the progress of treatment.
This unique fusion of Nagano lineage acupuncture and Tian lineage herbalism creates a treatment which is focused on restoring the core root imbalances which prevent your body from functioning optimally.
Metro Health and Medicine
Name: Marie Hopkinson
Street Address: 289 Walcott St
City: North Perth
State: Australia
Zipcode: 6006
Phone: 1300132830
About: Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Chinese Diet Therapy practitioner - 13+years experience.
Business Name: Zen Health
Name: Robbie Todd
Street Address: 206/122 Toorak Td
City: South Yarra
State: Vic
Zipcode: 3788
Phone: 03 98045775
About: I am a practitioner with over 30 years full-time practice and treat all conditions especially Skin and Gastrointestinal disorders.
Name: Olivier lejus
Street Address: 78 livingstone Road
City: Marrickivllle
State: NSW
Zipcode: 2204
Phone: 0415 376 083
About: Olivier Lejus MHSc.BHSC. Registered acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.
Specializing in gentle Toyohari Japanese style acupuncture.Treating female and male infertility, migraine, pain ,and anxiety.
Evolution Medical Care
Business Name: Evolution Medical Care
Name: Andrew Romano
Street Address: Shops 4-7, 474 High Street
City: Penrith
State: NSW
Zipcode: 2750
Phone: 0247096727
About: Located in Penrith CBD, Evolution Medical Care specialises in delivering a range of traditional medical services with therapists from such fields as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Remedial Massage and Tuina.
We offer the services of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Laser Acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion, Remedial Massage, Tuina.

Evolution Medical Care is dedicated to focusing on some of the most highly evolved and refined medical approaches. Our emphasis is always on achieving thorough solutions to problems with practical, affordable treatments. Evolution Medical Care strives to deliver thorough healthcare solutions to our patients through an understanding of both Eastern transformations and Western anatomy and physiology.
Name: Michael Tiffin
Street Address: 107 Mont Albert Rd
City: Canterbury
State: Victoria
Zipcode: 3126
Phone: 0401579257
Business Name: Acupuncture Gold Coast
Name: Alan Jansson
Street Address: 2184 Gold Coast Hwy
City: Miami
State: QLD
Zipcode: 4220
Phone: 0755755300
About: Alan Jansson has been practicing an extremely GENTLE style of Traditional Acupuncture for over 30 yrs and we pride ourselves on deliv­er­ing effective, punctual and friendly service.
Name: Amber Fulton
Street Address: Suite 8, Ross Court, 195 Bloomfield Street
City: Cleveland
State: QLD
Zipcode: 4163
Phone: 0408497513
About: Equilibrium Acupuncture uses the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine to treat our clients holistically.

With acupuncture clinics near Brisbane City, Holland Park and Cleveland, we treat people who are looking for a safe, effective alternative to mainstream medicine.

While most new clients come to us for traditional acupuncture treatments, we also offer a wide range of acupuncture treatments:

- Traditional acupuncture based on inserting fine, sterile needles in key acupuncture points.
- Gua Sha which works by scraping the skin to improve blood flow and speed up healing.
- Moxibustion using smouldering herbs to heat the acupuncture points and stimulate blood flow.
- Cupping which stimulates the blood flow, loosens muscles, releases toxins from the tissues and alleviates pain. Cupping is becoming more frequently requested because of its growing popularity with celebrities, both in Australia and globally

Acupuncture addresses the whole person including the physical, spiritual and emotional levels. At Equilibrium Acupuncture we aim to get to the root of your problem and treat the cause rather than just the symptoms.

Acupuncture is a safe treatment for a wide variety of diagnosed problems or for people who aren’t quite sure what’s causing their symptoms. Whatever your condition, we can advise you on the best acupuncture or alternative Chinese medicine treatment for your problem, be it physical or emotional.

Our philosophy centres on using acupuncture as a wellness tool to help improve and maintain your health.

We’re happy to talk about your problems, questions or concerns before you make a booking and will never take on a new client if we don’t think we can help you.

To find out more about how acupuncture could benefit you, or to make a booking at our Brisbane City, Holland Park or Cleveland acupuncture clinics, call us on now on 0408497513 or email us today to get the conversation started.

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