Balanced Health Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic
Name: Shilo Cameron
Street Address: 926 7th ave suite 204
City: Invermere
State: BC
Zipcode: V0A 1K0
Phone: 250-341-4806
About: When we are free of stress, we become more open to hearing the messages our body gives us on a daily basis, which opens up the possibility of avoiding disease altogether.
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Name: Elad Shalev
Street Address: 16028 100a ave NW
City: Edmonton
State: Alberta, Canada
Zipcode: T5P 0M1
Phone: (780) 801-1667
Business Name: Access Acupuncture
Name: Christian Saint-Pierre
Street Address: 11 Akerley Blvd #100
City: Dartmouth
State: NS
Zipcode: B3B 1V7
Phone: (902) 999-4325
About: Access Acupuncture practices Taiwanese acupuncture, a method that provides quick and effective relief of suffering.
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Business Name: Healing From The Root
Name: Julian Jones, R.TCMP, R.Ac.
Street Address: 348 Danforth Avenue, Suite 215
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Zipcode: M4V2H6
Phone: 416.995.2526
About: A Toronto TCM private practise with over 16 years experience treating difficult conditions with natural medicine.
Heartwood Wellness
Business Name: Heartwood Wellness
Name: Monika Konieczka
Street Address: 1855 West 4th Avenue
City: Vancouver
State: BC
Zipcode: V6J 1M5
Phone: 778-886-0880
About: Monika empowers each one of her patients to reach optimal health through Integrative Medicine and lifestyle education. She combines her knowledge of Western science with Eastern wisdom and yogic disciplines and addresses disease and imbalances at the appropriate level of cause using the most effective therapy.

She has postgraduate specialized training in myofascial pain and acupoint injection. She singularly combines her knowledge of orthopedic acupuncture with the Dr. Vodder MLD lymphatic drainage massage and offers comprehensive pain management care.

Passionate and dedicated, she guides all towards inspired self-care. Welcome to her practice.
Business Name: Steveston Acupuncture
Name: Scott Livingstone
Street Address: 290-3651 Moncton St
City: Richmond
State: BC
Zipcode: V7E3A5
Phone: 6049163833
About: I work with people tired of trying conventional methods and seeing little change. I provide a combination of natural and drug-free treatments that take them from feeling frustrated to free and living the fullest potential of their life. They are healthier, stronger and more empowered in their body.
Street Address: 7120 101 Avenue
City: Edmonton
State: Alberta
Zipcode: T6A 0H8
Phone: 7804668989
About: Registered Acupunturist, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Business Name: David Rose Acupuncture
Name: David Rose
Street Address: #222 4600 130th Avenue SE
City: Calgary
State: Alberta
Zipcode: T2Z OC2
Phone: 403-279-9394
About: Our Calgary acupuncture clinic offers high level acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments to help our patients improve and maintain their health.
Business Name: HealthSpan Wellness
Name: Carolyn Dew
Street Address: 71 Mountainview Rd N
City: Georgetown
State: Ontario
Zipcode: L7G 4J6
Phone: 905-873-8729
About: completed 4 year program in TCM
trained in Victoria BC
licensed in both Ontario and BC
practicing since 2003
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Name: Daniel Hoffman
Street Address: 330 Gardiner Park Court
City: Regina
State: Saskatchewan
Zipcode: S4V 1R9
Phone: (306)522-5668
About: Daniel is a Registered Acupuncturist with the governing board of British Columbia and is committed to supporting each of his patients in their journey to create a balanced and healthy life.
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