Business Name: Acubalance
Name: Lorne Brown
Street Address: Suite 250-828 West 8th Avenue
City: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
Zipcode: v5Z1E2
Phone: 604.678.8600
About: Our focus is infertility and pregnancy care. We off comprehensive testing to find out the reasons you are not conceiving or having miscarriages. Our natural treatments help optimize your fertility whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with IVF
Jessica Zerr Acupuncture
Name: Jessica Zerr
Street Address: Electra Health Floor 970 Burrard St.
City: Vancouver
State: BC
Zipcode: V6Z 2R4
Phone: 6046854325
About: Jessica Zerr is a Registered Acupuncturist and Kinesiologist in Vancouver, British Columbia. She focuses on treating sports injuries & muscle and joint pain. Conditions such as tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis, sciatica, shin splints and rotator cuff injuries, respond very well to acupuncture. Her goal is to help patients heal as quickly as possible so they can get back to doing the things they enjoy most in life.
Root Wellness
Business Name: Root Wellness
Name: Cary Rendek
Street Address: 1525 West 8th Avenue Suite 203
City: Vancouver
State: BC
Zipcode: V6J 1T5
Phone: 604.336.1040
About: Root Wellness is a holistic wellness clinic offering acupuncture, TCM, massage therapy, counseling and nutrition services as part of your health plan.
Medicinal Roots Acupuncture & Herbal Solutions
Name: Kim Graham, Dr.TCM
Street Address: 101-135 East 15th Street
City: North Vancouver
State: BC
Zipcode: V7L 2P7
Phone: 604-984-8731
About: Dr. Kim Graham graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver (ICTCM) in 2002 at the top of her class, completing 4 of her total 8 years of study in both Eastern and Western medicine. Upon her graduation from ICTCM in 2002, and successful completion of the Provincial Acupuncture licensing exam, she furthered her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine to include the treatment of Addiction and Mental Illness which were of special interest to her. Since then, she has continued to work with addicted and mentally ill populations throughout Vancouver, Richmond, North and West Vancouver, BC.

Further to Dr.Graham successfully completing the Provincial licensing exams for Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (R.Ac) and Herbology (R.TCM.P), she also achieved the highest level of certification in BC by completing the Provincial Doctorate Licensing Exam for Traditional Chinese Medicine entitling her to the designation of Dr.TCM.

Currently, Dr.Kim, as her patients call her, provides Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine programming to Addictions and Mental Health Programs offered by Vancouver Coastal Health in North Vancouver, and manages a very successful Acu-detox program at Together We Can, Vancouver's largest men's residential treatment facility.

In her private practice, Dr.Graham treats a variety of health concerns including anxiety disorders, sleep disturbance, pain management, sports injuries, gynecological problems, digestive concerns, and more. She has also launched a mentoring & job shadowing opportunity for TCM graduates who are looking to gain 'real life' clinical perspective and build confidence before launching their own careers.
Business Name: BodaHealth
Name: Jeda Boughton
Street Address: 302-1245 West Broadway
City: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
Zipcode: V6H 1G7
Phone: (604) 733-2632
About: BodaHealth is a natural health centre providing Acupuncture, Herbology, Massage, Tui Na & Integrative Therapies. Our practitioners are highly trained in various fields such as women’s health, infertility, dermatology, digestive function, chronic pain & musculoskeletal disorders.
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Tsang Acupuncture & Holistic Health Studio
Name: Peter Tsang
Street Address: 102, 1867 West Broadway
City: Vancouver
State: BC
Zipcode: V6J 4W1
Phone: 778-552-8806
About: "Wow, this is faster than Tylenol" one of our patients exclaimed. Did you know many pains can be noticeably reduced within 10 seconds? Did you know micro-current non-needle acupuncture is one of the best methods to help reduce pain? To find out if we can help you to break free from your chronic pain and get back to a healthier living, please call us for a no obligation consultation. "The only thing to get lose is your pain".
Name: Katherine Smyth
Street Address: 1235 Village Green Way
City: Squamish
State: BC
Zipcode: V0n1t0
Phone: 604-815-9864
About: Located in the beautiful sea to sky corridor in the heart of downtown Squamish specializing in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We all strive to be healthy and happy. Sometimes life takes its turns. Don't let back pain, sports injuries, headaches or any other symptoms or pain keep you from living the outdoor lifestyle we all love in Squamish. Whether your a elite athlete, a weekend warrior, a mother to be; Squamish Mountain Medicine is all about treat you as an individual. We are passionate about what we do and want to help our patients live happy and healthy pain free lives. We educated our patients on how to incorporate steps to better their health and are dedicated to providing the best care possible.
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Blossom Wellness
Business Name: Blossom Wellness
Name: Susan Kaboly, RAc, MAOM, BA
Street Address: #3-117 15th Street East
City: North Vancouver
State: BC
Zipcode: V7L 2P7
Phone: 604-441-2959
About: Acupuncture $20-$50 sliding scale fee, plus one-time $10 admin fee. Accepting new patients. Free 10min consult for first-time patients. Susan Kaboly is the Owner of Blossom Wellness and a Registered Acupuncturist, Certified in Acu-Detox and Acu-Cosmetic. At Blossom Wellness we are dedicated to providing affordable care in the prevention of disease, healing current health challenges, balancing and renewing the body, mind, spirit, and wellness maintenance for an optimum state of health. We provide professional, affordable, heart-felt healing assistance. Blossom Wellness where the 'heart of healing' and the home of "Affordable Acupuncture & More!" is at!
Inner Chi Acupuncture
Business Name: Inner Chi Acupuncture
Name: Jordan Titchener
Street Address: 1430 west 7th ave
City: Vancouver
State: BC
Zipcode: v6h 1c1
Phone: 6043152478
About: Jordan Titchener, R.Ac, is the founder and director of Inner Chi Acupuncture & Wellness. Jordan’s interest in Eastern philosophy led him to study Traditional Chinese Medicine at Vancouver’s International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ICTCM). Before studying Acupuncture, Jordan was a Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) and emergency responder.

Jordan integrates Acupuncture, Cupping, Tui Na massage, cranial sacral massage, and dietary counselling into his treatments. He employs an integrative, holistic approach to medicine and is willing to communicate with patient’s medical providers to ensure continuity of care.

His treatments include customized strategies in order to help with daily living and wellness, exercise and stress reduction techniques, and chronic pain coaching.

Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Jordan will not be let down. He exudes compassion and attentiveness with all of his clients. Patients can expect to feel an “inner calm” during and after a treatment. It is from this place of stillness that true healing can take place.
Active Life Health
Business Name: Active Life Health
Name: Dr. Melissa Carr
Street Address: 205-2786 West 16th Avenue
City: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
Zipcode: V6K4M1
Phone: 6047832846
About: I'm a registered Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, BC, using acupuncture, biopuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition/TCM food cures, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help my patients.
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