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Name: Neil Kingham
Street Address: Enso, 190 Cheltenham Rd
City: Bristol
State: Avon
Zipcode: BS65RB
Phone: 07985916114
About: Experienced practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, UK and China trained.
Acupuncture in London and Surrey
Name: Sue Kalicinska
Street Address: 54a Ebury Street
City: Belgravia
State: London
Zipcode: SW1W 0LU
Website: 07768322795
Phone: 07768322795
About: For more than 25 years Sue has been helping people address all kinds of health problems, including back and neck pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, digestive problems and allergies, arthritis, hormonal issues, to name a few. She also works with men and women on fertility problems, with women during pregnancy and with babies and children. Check out our “Acupuncture Benefits” page for more details and modern research references.

London Acupuncture is offering a complete approach to well-being. It’s not just about working with a particular complaint; it’s about understanding how to maintain your health, cope with stresses and really get the best out of life.
Name: David Start
Street Address: Heath Villa, Halfway House
City: Shrewsbury
State: Shropshire
Zipcode: SY5 9DW
Phone: 07876251817
About: Five Element Acupuncture
Dr (TCM) Attilio D’Alberto
Name: Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto
Street Address: 49 Denmark Street
City: Wokingham
State: Berkshire
Zipcode: RG40 2AY
Phone: 07786 198 900
About: Dr. Attilo D'Alberto has 14 years of experience in Chinese medicine & acupuncture therapy. He has two clinic in Twickenham & Wokingham respectively.
Acupuncture Here
Business Name: Acupuncture Here
Name: Lisa Thynne
Street Address: New Road
City: Shaftesbury
State: Dorset
Zipcode: SP7 8BQ
Phone: 07809 156925
About: Acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbal medicine and bodywork techniques for health and wellbeing.
Name: Vivienne Outram
Street Address: 28 Wilkinson St
City: Sheffield
State: South Yorkshire
Zipcode: S10 5ND
Phone: 07931455590
About: Highly effective treatment in Sheffield for all kinds of chronic health problems including pain, fertility and repeat miscarriages.  Treat the cause of your health problems and not just the symptoms.  Suppression of symptoms with drugs is not a cure.  Treatment for pain can often be instant.  Special distal acupuncture techniques using Dr Tan's Balance method and Master Tung points.  Also, provides botantical treatments to strengthen the immune system. 
liz jeannet
Name: Liz Jeannet
Street Address: 10 Harley St
City: Marylebone
State: London
Zipcode: W1G 9PF
Website: Liz
Phone: 07764604998
About: Acupuncture & Nutritional Therapy for Fertility & Women's Health.
Harley Street W1, Primrose Hill NW1, Belsize Park NW3, Olney MK46
Business Name: Eve Harlow Acupuncture
Name: Eve Harlow
Street Address: Gower Chiropractic Centre
City: Murton
State: Swansea
Zipcode: SA3 3AR
Phone: 01792234246
About: I first discovered Acupuncture after suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years. Acupuncture helped my so much I was able to climb Ben Nevis, which was something I never thought I'd be able to do. This experience gave me a passion for Acupuncture and set me on my path as an Acupuncturist.
Name: Tom Kennedy
Street Address: The Natural Health Clinic, 39 Cotham Hill
City: Bristol
State: Bristol
Zipcode: BS6 6JY
Phone: 07966347453
About: "I would not hesitate to recommend acupuncture generally, and Tom in particular as he is a sensitive and gentle practitioner."

J.C. - London

Tom is a fully qualified member of the British Acupuncture Council, and practices acupuncture and tuina massage in Bristol. He runs private practices from Breathe Bristol, and the Natural Health Clinic, as well as a low-cost clinic from the same venue. He also works as an associate acupuncturist at Penny Brohn Cancer Care's Treatment Support Clinic.

Tom began his training in Chinese medicine in 2004, embarking on a 3 year full-time degree course at the University of Westminster. During his training, he treated the public in the University of Westminster Polyclinic, and the NHS Gateway clinic in Clapham.
He now enjoys treating a wide variety of patients and conditions, and regularly attends advanced training courses. These have included tuina (Chinese massage); pregnancy and childbirth; traditional pulse diagnosis; treating various kinds of physical pain and many more. In recent years, he has been studying advanced Classical acupuncture and bodywork techniques with the Association of Traditional Studies, and the Xinglin Institute.

Tom and his wife Kate - both ex-BBC employees - also produce videos and multi-media projects, mainly relating to acupuncture. Examples include the popular Manual of Acupuncture software - a training aid for students - and the Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labour DVD, which Tom co-presents with Debra Betts.
Halo Acupuncture
Business Name: Halo Acupuncture
Name: Lindsay Fieldhouse BSc. (Hons), MBAcC
Street Address: 11 Bank Street
City: Wetherby
State: Leeds
Zipcode: LS22 6NQ
Phone: 07960072951
About: Lindsay is trained in a variety of acupuncture styles such as Traditional Chinese acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture and Dr Tan's Balance Method.

These forms of healing consider all aspects of your health in-particular mind, body, spirit, and emotional health in the quest for optimal wellbeing. The body consists of many inter-dependent parts, if one if these is not functioning properly it can impact on the functioning of the whole body. Our aim is to not only alleviate the symptoms of disease but to address the root cause of the issue.
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