Acupuncture Here
Business Name: Acupuncture Here
Name: Lisa Thynne
Street Address: New Road
City: Shaftesbury
State: Dorset
Zipcode: SP7 8BQ
Phone: 07809 156925
About: Acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbal medicine and bodywork techniques for health and wellbeing.
Business Name: Thriving Life Centre
Name: Katherine Sunderland-Nelson
Street Address: Emohym, Holtwood, Holt
City: Wimborne
State: Dorset
Zipcode: BH21 7DU
Phone: 07881890130
About: I help women and children stimulate their innate healing powers to restore and maintain health naturally, without the adverse effects of drugs, so they can live a vibrant and thriving life.
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