Come Alive Health, L.L.C.

Come Alive Health, L.L.C.
Business Name: Come Alive Health, L.L.C.
Name: Tess Richardson
Street Address: 7235 N. Paseo del Norte
City: Tucson
State: AZ
Zipcode: 85704
Phone: 520-877-7910
About: I could list a multitude of ailments that I can help with, but helping you find the priority for treatment is my specialty. Often times, after dealing with the priority, other symptoms improve or fall away. This is the case even with pain. Pain is always an indicator and sometimes it is indicating a problem right where it hurts, sometimes it is indicating something that is a priority elsewhere in the body.

I help people understand more about their own bodies. I don’t want you to learn all about Chinese medicine or acupuncture. I help you learn how to be kind to yourself in the simplest possible ways that will help.

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