Aurora Wellness Center

Business Name: Aurora Wellness Center
Name: Dr. Robin Schaefer
Street Address: 21398 Highway 99E ~ PO Box 453
City: Aurora
State: OR
Zipcode: 97002
Phone: 503-678-2277
About: Dr. Robin Schaefer loves to help people get better and stay healthy! She is a licensed acupuncturist and a doctor of chiropractic. She also practices Functional Neurology (to help your brain work better) and Functional Medicine (to help your organs work better) as well as energy psychology (to help clear up stress from the present or the past). She’s been in practice for 24 years, has had health challenges of her own that she healed through, and is the happy mom to two teen-aged sons.

Afraid of needles? I have ways to do acupuncture point stimulation without needles!

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