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Mary Maurer
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Asian Healing Arts and Acupuncture, the only Acu-MedSpa-Clinic that educates their patients on the Foundations of Functional Medicine and Acupuncture. We offer Co-Op pricing for Blood, Hair and Saliva testings, which we then use to validate your treatment & wellness protocols. Conventional Western Medicine has been around for a less than 200 years where Eastern Medicine has been in development for over 3,500 years. In Western Medicine the symptom alone is diagnosed and treated, in Eastern Medicine the underlying cause of a person's symptom is diagnosed and treated to resolve the symptom.
You deserve the opportunity to find out if Eastern Foundational Medicine is right for you! We offer unique health screening & complimentary In-Clinic testing to determine your overall health, without cost or obligation.
If we know what has caused your body to not function properly we can find out a solution. So call today 480.201.6744 for your Complimentary Health & Wellness screening. Mary Maurer, MSAc, Dipl.Ac. L.Ac is a member in good standing of The Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a non-profit organization. Mary donates a portion of her time educating the public on how to regain and maintain their optimal health. Please contact her should you or your organization ie, churches, clubs, schools, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, any corporations that may be interested in having her speak at workshops, Wellness Days, and/or Stress Relief Programs O: 480.201.6744.

Mary is an Eastern Medical Practitioner & Licensed Acupuncturist in Arizona. She brings over 20 years of recognized training in the clinical & healing arts.Mary began her personal healing journey in 1992 while employed by the Army at the 10th Area Support Group in Okinawa, Japan. Completing her Masters of Science in Natural Health to include the ancient Asian Namikoshi Anma & Shiatsu body therapies, and Yoga therapy. Mary is a graduate of the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. In 2006 completed her OM internship in Cheng-Du, China. She is board certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Mary serves as President for the Arizona Society of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture (AzSOMA). Mary's broad based education led her to develop Acu-ShiMa a treatment combination of ancient Asian specialty therapeutics. She feels blessed to be able to offer these time tested internal medicine healing paradigms, as they strengthen and hasten the body's innate healing responses to all diseases.