Acupuncture & Human Performance, LLC

Acupuncture & Human Performance, LLC
Business Name: Acupuncture & Human Performance, LLC
Name: Christopher Chapleau
Street Address: 652 Glenbrook Rd., STE 5-201B
City: Stamford
State: Connecticut
Zipcode: 06908
Phone: 203-561-3276
About: Acupuncture & Human Performance bridges the gap between musculoskeletal health and fitness by specializing in clinically oriented exercise programing, bodywork therapy, diet, and sport acupuncture.

Chris is a practicing acupuncturist as well as an M.S. in Human Performance, and holds several related certifications. With Western knowledge and Eastern practice, Chris can help you be productive, energetic, and capable of meeting the demands of your daily life, as well as achieving your athletic goals, no matter ho ambitious.
Besides the traditional Eastern approach with acupuncture, Chris also takes a western biomedical approach; a focus on myofacial manual, trigger point, and movement therapy.

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