BO Wha Oriental Clinic

Business Name: BO Wha Oriental Clinic
Name: Steven Kim
Street Address: 14 Ilya st Macgregor
City: Sunnybank
State: QLD
Zipcode: 4109
Phone: 0732191002
About: Acupuncturist Brisbane offers you the ancient Chinese herbal treatment that can cure various kinds of diseases. With the treatment, you can cure gynecological disorders and can find remedy from infertility. We also provide meditation and relaxation classes that helps you to keep proper mental balance.

The owner of Bo Wha Oriental Clinic, Steven Kim has brought to you the acupuncture IVF treatment in Brisbane. He has graduated from the Kwong Hwa Institute of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong and has completed his masters in Chinese Herbal Medicine from Guang Xi Traditional Medicine University.

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