Boulder Body Balance Acupuncture Clinic

Business Name: Boulder Body Balance Acupuncture Clinic
Name: Elif Kuzu, L.A.c, Dipl OM
Street Address: 805 South Broadway st. Suite# 103
City: Boulder
State: Colorado
Zipcode: 80305
Phone: 720-509-9588
About: Elif Kuzu’s practice integrates traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese Kotatoma world views. She earned her B.S. in Biology and Chemistry at the University of Texas Tech, Lubbock, Texas. Her education also includes a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College, Boulder, Colorado. Where she was trained in Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine as well as Qi gong, Tai Qi, Shaitsu (Japanese style massage), Tui Na (Chinese style massage), Chinese nutrition, injection therapy and much more. Southwest Acupuncture College is nationally accredited school and board certified.
“I strive to provide the best holistic medicine care possible and look forward to helping you.”

Elif Kuzu, L.Ac., Dipl OM, MSOM

We are here to listen to you and hear your need. Then we can choose the appropriate tools to help you achieve greater health.

Our Services Include:

– Acupuncture – LipoVite Injection
– Cupping – Auricular Acupuncture
– Chinese Herbs – Shiatsu
– Injection Therapy for Pain – Tui Na
– Vitamin B12 Injection – TDP LAMP

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