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NuYu Acupuncture
NuYu Acupuncture
Rik Ehmann
826 E Main St
Rik's focus is reducing stress. eliminating chronic pain, women's health issues, digestive issues, weight loss and control, allergies, migraines and difficult cases of imbalance from unknown origins. He uses acupuncture, electro acupuncture, tuina, CranioSacral Therapy, moxabustion, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, and Medical Qigong in his quest to restore his patients to a state of balance, harmony and health.
Charlotte Center for Acupuncture
Amy Rhodes
801 E. Morehead St. Suite 306
Amy began her journey into Chinese Medicine as a patient. She experienced such amazing results, that she became fascinated by the holistic approach in assisting the body in self-healing. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine allows her to combine her compassionate nature and interest in caring for others with her scientific background. Amy is known not only for her deep understanding of Chinese medicine, but also her ability to clearly explain it to her patients.

Having already graduated Cum Laude from North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Biology, Amy then went on to obtain a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Austin. She has received a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine from the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine by passing the acupuncture theory, point location, herbology and biomedical portions of the national board exams. While most acupuncturists have only four years of formal training, Amy has acquired six. She is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of North Carolina and has been practicing for the past 14 years.

With her desire to learn more about Chinese Medicine, she continues her studies by taking weekend classes with such distinguished acupuncturists as Jeffery Yuen, Lori Dechar, and Dr. Richard Tan. She has studied and practiced all three of the major traditions of acupuncture – Five Element, Japanese Meridian Therapy, and 8-Principle or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Amy shares her love of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with her husband, who is an acupuncturist in downtown Matthews. In her off time, Amy enjoys hiking in the mountains, being out in nature, and spending time with her husband and son.
Sun Lotus Acupuncture and Wellness
Cynthia Bartlett, LAc.
4050 Arendell St, Suite D
Morehead City
Offering Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Metatronia Therapy to the Crystal Coast and surrounding areas.
Biorient Integrative Clinic
Dr Katalin Csoka
27405 Puerta Real, Ste 260
Mission Viejo
Implementing the best of the West and East for benefiting the patient.
New England Center for Acupuncture & Herbs, LLC
Wyatt LaCoss, MAOM, Dipl.OM, Lic.Ac.
21 Worthen Road, Suite 1
Specializes in Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Shakuju Therapy
Dixie Wall
17400 Irvine Blvd Suite L
Dixie Wall combines the best of modern day research and ancient time tested techniques to bring balance, healing and restoration to the body. Her caring team wholeheartedly believes in holistic methods of practice. All components of the body need to be addressed, including the physical, the nutritional and the emotional components. This facilitates healing and complete homeostasis.

We strive to help their patients reach their health goals by getting to and treating the root condition, not just the branch symptoms, of the issue. We are able to provide excellent treatment for a fair fee, and are committed to helping our patients as long as they need it. In doing so, the aim is to help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life.
M.Cristina Kell, L.Ac., LMT
400 E. DeYoung St., Ste. 5
Holistic Healthcare
Harmony Acupuncture
Harmony Acupuncture
Rachel Barry
East Village Douglas
Harmony Acupuncture Cork takes a holistic approach to health. We use acupuncture to bring your body and mind back into balance, to remove any blockages and to move you from the sympathetic (stressed) to the parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous system. When the body is relaxed it can heal itself.
Millerton Acupuncture ​
Emma K. Dweck, L.Ac.
1 John Street PO Box 878
Emma practices acupuncture and complementary healing modalities, providing compassionate, individualized care for patients facing a wide range of health conditions.

Her mission is to create partnerships with patients based on trust, mutual respect and common healing goals, and to create a space where true healing can occur.

Emma offers FREE initial Consultations at her office in Millbrook NY
Eva Lu
Eva Lu
1804 Cable St, Suite B
San Diego
I am always astounded by how resilient the human body is, and most of the time we do not appreciate it until there is a barrier that is preventing us from feeling optimal. For those of you that have had a sports related injury or any physical injury, there are times where you will surprise yourself with how quickly you can recover. I have personally used acupuncture to benefit physical endurance, alignment, and rehabilitation in exercise and my maintenance of overall health. Not only do acupuncture and herbs help to keep you looking and feeling good, regular treatments can also help to keep your immune system strong throughout the year!

I grew up drinking the herbal teas my mother used to make for my sister and me. She always told me that this was the way of taking care of the body, as these Chinese herbal remedies were passed down to her from my ancestors. I always doubted her until I decided to go to school to satiate my curiosity of my Chinese heritage and of alternative forms of medicine.

I have always been interested in medicine and finished my bachelors in microbiology and clinical laboratory science with hopes of going to medical school. After doing some research at Miami University about Aloe vera and its medicinal properties, and with some inspiration from my family, I made plans to pursue graduate studies at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. So far my journey to San Diego has opened my eyes to the benefits of both Eastern and Western medicines, which has also blessed me with the rewarding ability to help others. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people that I have met along the way!

I am a huge supporter of preventative medicine and aging gracefully by living a healthy lifestyle. Some of my favorite hobbies include yoga, running, traveling, cooking with friends, and learning about different cultures around me. I want to support you in what you love to do, especially if you want to live a better quality of life. I will tailor my treatments to your specific needs, and we will use realistic approaches to achieve results. I want to be part of your health and "feel-good" team.

I believe when you treat your body well and with respect, it will reward you a thousand-fold!

I invite you to come in and make an appointment with me. I would love to meet you and help you discover how acupuncture can change your life.


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