Gigi, Acupuncture

Gigi, Acupuncture
Business Name: Gigi, Acupuncture
Name: Gigi Shames LAc NHD
Street Address: 7840 Old Redwood Hwy
City: Cotati
State: CA
Zipcode: 94931
Phone: 4152330165
About: Hi I’m Gigi Shames, A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist as well as a doctor of natural health, living and working here in beautiful Sonoma County, California. I specialize in reducing your pain, balancing your hormones, helping you get pregnant, and relieving your anxiety. You can now book online just by clicking “Schedule Now” on my website – it only takes a few moments and is very convenient.

I look forward to seeing you soon! If you have any questions, email me or watch some explanatory videos right on my site about acupuncture and how it works.

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  • Gigi, Acupuncture
  • Gigi, Acupuncture
  • Gigi, Acupuncture
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