Business Name: AcuCare
Name: Lisa Vitale
Street Address: 1 Powelton Road
City: Newburgh
State: NY
Zipcode: 12550
Phone: 8455419306
About: I am an accomplished alternative healthcare professional, with over 22 years of hands on experience in the bodywork field. I am passionate about acupuncture because of what it has done for me personally, and the positive results that I have witnessed for so many of my patients. It is important to me as your practitioner, to provide a treatment plan that is unique to you, and supports your health goals. I usually ask that you commit to 3 treatments. Generally, results are experienced by then. At that time we will re-evaluate and determine which course of action is best.

I have been a licensed acupuncturist since 2003. My training includes TCM, Japanese and Acupuncture Physical Medicine. APM is a unique needle technique taught at Tri-State College. This technique uses a motion that releases muscle constriction and trigger points, thereby promoting the free flow of Qi. My experience includes treating a variety of medical conditions including but not limited to anxiety, depression, muscular conditions, sciatica, neck and back pain, tendonitis, asthma, headaches, neuropathy, sleep disorders, skin conditions and fertility. Primarily I use needles, but may also use cupping, guasha, and massage. I have experience with adults as well as children. I also take no-fault insurance and participate in some private insurances.
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