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Limited Training: The Acupuncture Equivalent of GMOs

It’s mind boggling that in 2013 consumers are still being kept in the dark. While a licensed acupuncturist is often identified by the L.Ac. abbreviation that follows their name, the general public doesn’t always know what the designation means. A physician or chiropractor offering acupuncture has no obligation to inform a patient of the drastic […]

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Choosing an Acupuncturist: Why You Should Always Go for the Real Deal

Are licensed acupuncturists (L.Ac,’s) more adept when it comes to the ancient healing practice than any other practitioner performing acupuncture? Based on the training and education needed for licensure, the answer is yes. There are vast differences in the qualifications among “acupuncturists,” which is why it’s essential to seek treatment from a licensed practitioner. To […]

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