Forget Face-Lifts: Try Cosmetic Acupuncture

You can fight lines, wrinkles, dull, sagging skin and even age spots without invasive procedures such as face-lifts or Botox injections. Cosmetic acupuncture can take years off of your appearance and has little to no side effects, downtime or serious pain. Before opting for something extreme, give the holistic practice a try.

cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture cultivates a free flow of energy, or qi, in the same way traditional acupuncture does. Therefore, it’s not just your face that receives a pick-me-up. The body is revitalized from the inside out for a more youthful look and a boost in your overall wellbeing.

Needles are typically inserted in several areas of the body in addition to the face. This is thought to aid in stimulating circulation, as well as collagen and elastin production to firm, plump and lift skin naturally. The treatment has seen a surge in popularity, as individuals discover they look and feel better. Cosmetic acupuncture can diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve complexion, and fight sagging, scars, bags, and age spots.

Similar to other anti-aging procedures, results are also tied to lifestyle. Those with a healthy diet, exercise regimen, and good habits will experience greater benefits. In addition, some acupuncturists recommend beginning treatments as early as your 30s.

A minimum of 10 sessions is usually recommended, along with occasional tune-ups every few months. It is important to find a licensed practitioner trained in this form of acupuncture for effectiveness and safety. The practitioner will determine if you are a candidate for cosmetic acupuncture and recommend a course of treatment.

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