Painful Menses

Bethany Richardson, L.Ac. - San Antonio, TX
Bethany Richardson, L.Ac.
Street Address:
4207 Gardendale Suite B103
San Antonio
Zip Code/Postal Code:
(210) 999-5579
At Enliven Health and Wellness in San Antonio, TX we offer acupuncture, herbal therapy, diet, and lifestyle advice to help you attain the best performance or address underlying issues. Using the backdrop of Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine, we will help you understand and address blocks or weakness in your body that are preventing you from achieving optimal health.

Think of us as health detectives, using clues from your symptomatology, your pulse and tongue diagnosis and functional medicine test to help understand what is happening internally that is limiting your natural state of health and wellness.

Utilizing the comprehensive combination of therapies from Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), as well as science-based emerging care in nutritional therapies of Functional Medicine, we can uncover what ails you, be it fertility concerns to digestive complaints and headaches or insomnia. As part of assessing your complaint, we will commonly examine wide parameters such as digestion, detoxification, elimination, regardless of whether your issues are migraines, constipation or infertility.
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