Medical Infrared Thermography

Business Name: SOPHIA Natural Health
Name: Carol Renna
Street Address: 31 Old Route 7
City: Brookfield
State: Connecticut
Zipcode: 06804
Phone: 2037409300
About: Sophia means Wisdom
Our name symbolizes our commitment to teaching people the benefits of Integrative Natural Medicine.
Our goal is to improve health and educate
Our goal is to improve the health of – and educate people on – all the factors that influence health, wellness and disease, including the mind, spirit and community as well as the body. We are proud to be the first of the Integrative Natural Medicine Centers.
Our mission is to help
Our mission is to help as many people to learn to repair, improve or preserve their health, without drugs.
We want happy patients
We want our patients to live a long and happy life and find joy in their health.
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