Name: Mark Shprintz
Street Address: 953 Main Street
City: Nashville
State: Tennessee
Zipcode: 37206
Phone: (615) 830-4700
About: Nashville Healing Arts is an Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic serving the greater Nashville community since 2005. Our mission is providing the best acupuncture care possible to our patients. Each session at Nashville Healing Arts is customized to your unique condition.  Acupuncturist Mark Shprintz has earned an outstanding reputation for healing chronic pain and addressing the far reaching consequences of emotional stress.
Name: Judy Gibson LAc
Street Address: 1305 16th Ave S
City: Nashville
State: TN
Zipcode: 37212
Phone: 615-499-0789
About: Individualized full body acupuncture treatments in a peaceful and comfortable environment on a sliding scale off $20-$40 per treatment with a one time $10 consultation fee.
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Name: Katherine Casey
Street Address: 1815 Division St
City: Nashville
State: TN
Zipcode: 37203
Phone: 615-906-7075
About: Offering Classical style Chinese medicine in mid-town Nashville
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