Healthy Balance Acupuncture, LLC

Healthy Balance Acupuncture, LLC
Business Name: Healthy Balance Acupuncture, LLC
Name: Lisa Dulac
Street Address: 94 Auburn St.
City: Portland
State: Maine
Zipcode: 04103
Phone: 2078783003
Fax: 2078783004
About: Healthy Balance Acupuncture, LLC is an acupuncture and Chinese medical clinic located in Portland, Maine. The business’s primary service is providing acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment for allergies, PMS, headache, depression, arthritis, stroke, sciatica, hypertension, low back pain, tennis elbow, digestive problems, postoperative pain, neck pain, knee pain, and many other conditions.

Healthy Balance Acupuncture’s goal is to offer holistic health care which takes into account each patient’s unique situation and whole being. Our approach is to focus our efforts on women’s healthcare, chronic pain, and the mental/emotional needs of the community.

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