Digestive Recovery After Holiday Indulgences

Good health requires proper digestion. The holidays are notorious for treats, overeating, and stress, which wreak havoc on the body. Get yourself back on track after a big Thanksgiving meal, Hanukkah delicacies, or a stack of Christmas cookies. Traditional Chinese medicine places a particular emphasis on digestion and the state of your gut determines your vitality, absorption of nutrients, overall health, mood, immunity, and more. Dietary recommendations vary for each individual and it’s important to see a professional, licensed in traditional Chinese medicine, to develop the blueprint right for you. However, here are some general recommendations for alleviating post-holiday indigestion:

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  • Don’t go completely off the wagon. After overindulging, jump right back into healthy eating habits. Digestion is strongest in the morning. Therefore, try to eat most of your daily intake earlier in the day and make sure your evening meal is the smallest.
  • Start your day of right with a large glass of warm water. Follow up with a bowl of congee (cooked rice porridge) or a similar breakfast with complex carbohydrates. It will stoke your metabolic fire.
  • Ginger is revered for its ability to soothe the digestive tract and bring gastric juices back into balance. It has been used for centuries to treat hangovers and overeating. Make tea with fresh ginger root and sip slowly after festivities.
  • Even if you’re feeling lethargic and bloated, movement is essential. Go for a walk or roll out your yoga mat. Twisting postures aid in digestion.
  • Stress and anxiety can cause an upset stomach and the holidays are chaotic. Follow an evening of celebrating with some alone time to enjoy peace and quiet.
  • If your stomach woes don’t clear up, visit a licensed acupuncturist. Whether it’s nausea, constipation, acid reflux, or bloating and gas, acupuncture is an excellent, natural way to boost digestive function.
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