Name: Eli Huang
Street Address: 62a Smart St
City: Fairfield
State: NSW
Zipcode: 2165
Phone: 02 9728 6176
About: We are a professional team of qualified Acupuncturists to assist with your health care needs using proven natural techniques. We specialise in anxiety, stress, infertility, digestive complaints and cosmetic acupuncture for ageing.
Business Name: Zen Health
Name: Robbie Todd
Street Address: 206/122 Toorak Td
City: South Yarra
State: Vic
Zipcode: 3788
Phone: 03 98045775
About: I am a practitioner with over 30 years full-time practice and treat all conditions especially Skin and Gastrointestinal disorders.
The Herb Shop
Business Name: The Herb Shop
Name: Michelle O'Shaughnessy
Street Address: 112 Broadway
City: Kissimmee
State: Florida
Zipcode: 34741
Phone: 4079513037
About: Michelle O'Shaughnessy D.O.M. is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She specializes in acupuncture, acupuncture facelifts, cupping and kinesiology. She works to put you on the perfect herbs to bring you back to health. She also has a line of frozen soups to help heal different organs and to help give you fast healthy food if you are going through Chemo or radiation.
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