Vibrational Healing Arts

Vibrational Healing Arts
Vibrational Healing Arts
Jackie Bensinger
5222 Balboa Avenue Suite 44
San Diego
(858) 505-9444
(858) 505-9449
Jackie Bensinger,L.Ac. has held a family acupuncture practice in San Diego for nearly 20 years. Her specialties include the treatment of pain, female and male infertility, and stress/immune-related disorders.

She incorporates nutritional and lifestyle counseling, Chinese herbal medicine as needed, and meditation into the treatments to achieve a more patient centered approach. Vibrational Healing Arts also offers classes in meditation, Qi Gong and Feng Shui. To see patient testimonials, a list of successfully treated conditions and more, please visit Jackie is available for speaking engagements via television, radio and events for the purpose of teaching about the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of acupuncture. The office telephone number is (858)505-9444 for more information.

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