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Fannie Koa, Lic.Ac.
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259 Elm St, Suite 300 B
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“Fannie is a mature practitioner with the grace of a life finally devoted to what she cares about… She brings a living experience of the ways in which acupuncture can restore you to a sense of bodily well-being that you have either forgotten or never known was possible.” – Teri T.

Fannie’s passion for Eastern medicine can be traced back to her roots as a third-generation Chinese immigrant in the Philippines, where she grew up surrounded by food infused with herbal medicine thanks to her mother and grandmothers. She has spent a lifetime integrating the best of Eastern and Western cultures, and finally discovered that Chinese medicine provided a perfect home for her inquisitive mind and free spirit.

Fannie specializes in the areas of acute and chronic myofascial pain conditions, women’s health (including fertility), and anxiety disorders. She has a strong interest in food cures and the topical use of Chinese herbs, which is evident in the prominent role of nutrition counseling in her practice and the creation of her own line of tendon and trauma liniments.

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Fannie lives in the Boston area with her husband and a fur baby. (Puppy therapy is always a negotiable part of treatment.) She enjoys good food, the company of friends and family, travel, and music. Nowadays, if she is not seeing patients, she is probably still trying to finish the Game of Thrones books or looking for a cauldron and broomstick on Pottermore.

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