Acupuncture Can Help Hot Dudes Reading… and more!

In just one month @HotDudesReading, an Instagram account that shares candid photos of—you guessed it—attractive gentlemen reading in public places (all hard copy books, too)—has over 400 thousand followers. The concept is pretty genius, because what could be more appealing? As an acupuncturist though, I feel bad for these dudes. Don’t their necks and backs hurt from reading on the train? I know after reading for a couple of hours my neck feels tight, my upper back is sore, and my low back hurts. How are these cuties reading on an unsteady train? Thankfully for these hot dudes (and the fans who love them) acupuncture can ensure they can keep reading on those trains, getting those candids taken, all without pain!

acupuncture for readingYou might see a cute guy studying but all I see is neck pain.
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            Reading may not exactly be a contact sport, but it is tough on the body. While we read we strain our eyes, neck, and if we are standing like these hot dudes, our feet. Chinese Medicine has understood this pathway of pain for centuries longer than the subway has been around. One key channel or flow of energy, called the Urinary Bladder, traces this precise course, traveling from the eyes, around the head, down the back, along the hamstrings, calves, and ends in the feet. It consists of 67 points and treats almost every condition. The eye pain that sometimes occurs while reading can be treated with Urinary Bladder 2. While Urinary Bladder 10 can treat the neck pain from bending over your book. Urinary bladder 40 and 60, which are not even located on the back can help ease your back pain along with all the Urinary Bladder points on the back. Also, Urinary Bladder 60 through 67 can help treat the nagging foot and ankle pain you receive from standing and reading.

acupuncture hot dudes readingI hope he really likes that book because any acupuncturist can see his back is going to be hurting tonight.
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            The Urinary Bladder channel might be the perfect channel for your average reader but these Hot Dudes may need a little more support. It is hard to keep your balance on the train while reading. Just like the Urinary Bladder channel, the Gall Bladder channel has points that will benefit the eyes, relax the neck and back, and even support the feet. However, the Gall Bladder channel also has added benefits. It can give readers a little more balance and keep their muscles strong as they drift into their book. Gall Bladder 19 helps with symptoms of vertigo by clearing the patient’s senses. This will allow readers—hot dudes and the rest of us mere mortals—to read without getting motion sickness. Gall Bladder 34 strengthens the sinews and moves Qi allowing these studs to have strong muscles and a calm mind. Also, Gall Bladder 6 helps dispel tinnitus—ringing in the ears. These boys need to concentrate more on their books; we can’t have them confused about whether the ringing in their ears is their hearing or their subway stop!

hot dudes reading and acupunctureHis feet must be killing him from standing with his neck bent over.  Don’t worry cutie If you need an acupuncturist I know where you can find one just look on #TryAcupuncture 

            So for all standing readers out there—Hot Dudes and otherwise: an acupuncturist can help. Still, there are some things any standing reader should try for herself, too. Reduce stress on your spine by lifting the book up closer to your eyes so your neck isn’t facing down. Keep your back straight, knees slightly bent, and your feet forward to help ease your back pain. And, if you want to avoid eye discomfort listen to the @HotDudesReading creators: #nokindles. E-Readers (though the Kindle Paper White is fine) can cause more pain to the eyes.

What better PSA for reading than these Hot Dudes? Everyone should have some extra incentive to read. Any avid reader risks taking on aching necks, sore backs, and angry feet, but you don’t have to, if you take steps to prevent these ailments. Your licensed acupuncturist can help you ensure that you have a long life of pain-free subway reading ahead of you.

Dana Fine, L.Ac.

Dana Fine is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Illinois and certified as a Diplomate of Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She is the owner of Dana Fine Acupuncture, LLC in Northbrook, IL. She graduated with honors from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in Chicago with a Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Dana treats various issues such as; infertility, headaches, musculoskeletal issues, psycho-emotional issues, and insomnia, as well as many other health concerns. She is currently studying the connection between Chinese medicine and Functional medicine. You can learn more about Dana at