Control Your Migraines with Acupuncture

Migraines can have a serious impact on your life. Many individuals suffer from the condition one to four times per month, sidelining them for hours or even days. Unfortunately, a migraine isn’t your average headache. It’s characterized by severe throbbing and pulsating pain on one or both sides of the head, sensitivity to light and noise, nausea and sometimes vomiting, lightheadedness, blurred vision, and occasionally auras. There is no cure but doctors often prescribe medication to manage the symptoms. Don’t fall trap to side effects. Acupuncture is a natural remedy with over 2,000 years of clinical history.


A licensed acupuncturist will look for the underlying cause of the migraines, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. This can be an excellent form of preventative medicine in addition to relieving pain in the midst of an episode. The practitioner will choose the appropriate acupuncture points to remove blockages and allow for a free flow of Qi, thus balancing the system and improving health and wellbeing.

Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain reported on a study that found acupuncture is not only effective for alleviating pain in acute attacks, but also helped prevent migraine relapse and aggravation.

In an article titled, “Acupuncture Superior to Drug Therapy for Migraines,” published in Acupuncture Today, a study was cited where half of the subjects received acupuncture and the other half took courses of different prescription migraine medications. The group that received acupuncture experienced significantly fewer symptoms without aura than any of the pharmacological treatments.

The author noted patients who received acupuncture, “experienced fewer migraine episodes, missed fewer days from work, and suffered no side effects compared to patients on conventional drug therapy. They also found acupuncture to be more cost-efficient.”

These are only two of the many emerging studies concluding that acupuncture for migraines is highly effective. The treatment is side-effect free, natural, safe, and offers long lasting relief. For the best results, always visit a licensed acupuncturist. To find a fully qualified practitioner in your area, visit

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