Effective Treatment of Migraines with Acupuncture

Before talking about migraines, it is important to differentiate between a headache and a migraine headache. In terms of headaches, there are three basic types: tension headaches, cluster headaches, and sinus headaches. All of these headaches are associated with discomfort, pain and/or pressure in the head with pain levels usually categorized as mild to moderate. […]

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Acupuncture is Man’s Best Friend

I love dogs. I love how they make you feel. I love how they are sweet and loving. There are many different types of dogs, and all of them in someway will change your life. However, there are some dogs that get bad labels for no reason other then they are misunderstood. I look at […]

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Chinese Medicine’s New Friend Functional Medicine

As an herbalist I see how herbs help people and I love herbs. I have seen people feel better from something as simple and as a common cold to cancer patients having fewer signs and symptoms from chemo treatments. And I see how each herb is fascinating in its own way; it has different properties, […]

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turkey meatballs

Stay Healthy This Winter with Zesty Cilantro Turkey Meatballs

The days are shorter, the air is crisp, and if you are anything like me you are beginning to crave warming, feel good meals. Now is the time to fire up your oven, put aside your salads and begin eating heartier cooked foods. According to Chinese Medicine cooked foods that are slightly sweet and warming […]

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Look to the Animals, Animals Don’t Lie

I love reading articles about animals receiving acupuncture. I have read articles about a lion, elephant, dog, cat, camel, penguin, and even a komodo dragon receiving acupuncture. All of these animals get acupuncture regularly, and are truly benefiting from each treatment. The lion was able to walk around without foot pain, the dogs and cats […]

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