Personal Yoga

The Center of Wellness
Business Name: The Center of Wellness
Name: Monica Bradnan
Street Address: 237 Lookout Pl
City: Maitland
State: FL
Zipcode: 32751
Phone: 407-335-4994
About: Welcome to The Center of Wellness, an integrative holistic healthcare facility. This upscale collaborative is the first of its kind in Central Florida and addresses the growing need for outside the box thinking when it comes to healing the mind, body and spirit. As the average person struggles more and more with health issues-pain, allergies, weight gain, insomnia, hormone issues, mental and physical fatigue, depression, anxiety, auto-immune disorders, etc.-there is an increased demand for holistic alternatives as people get tired of going to doctor after doctor and taking pill after pill.

The Center of Wellness is the leading authority on these alternatives, offering treatments including:

Crystal Therapy
Energy Work
Music Therapy
Personal Yoga Instruction
Play Therapy
Psychotherapy and Life Coaching
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