Eastern Healing
Business Name: Eastern Healing
Name: Peter Harvey
Street Address: 200 e willow ave
City: Wheaton
State: Illinois
Zipcode: 60187
Phone: 630-653-4358
About: Eastern Healing specializes but not limited tofertility and womens health, we are a Fertile Soul clinic and work with all fertility cases including couples trying naturally to IVF. I am board certified in Fertility (FABORM) with a Masters in Chinese Herbal Medicine and have been in practice for ten years. In addition we also treat a variety of pain disorders as well from migraines to neck and back pain and many more. I employ various modalities into treating patients to get results such as acupuncture,herbs, cold laser, and acuscope and myopulse.I believe in an individual approach to patient care. To learn more about me and my practice I invite you to my website. I have two locations in Wheaton and Joliet.
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