Jade and Cinnabar Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Center
Victoria Segal, L. Ac,. Dipl. OM
Street Address:
17 Hanover Road Suite 230
Florham Park
New Jersey
Jade and Cinnabar Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Center is dedicated to helping patients heal on all levels of being, restore themselves to optimum physical and emotional health, regain vitality and spiritual well-being, and prevent further illness through acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, nutrition and lifestyle counselling.

Our treatment specialties encompass a diverse array of health concerns ranging from acute and chronic pain relief to women’s health issues, infertility and pregnancy care, to mental health and overall wellness.

What sets us apart is our philosophy - we practice holistic medicine, treating the entire person rather than the disease and taking into consideration your unique personal dynamics and circumstances.

We provide a comprehensive diagnosis based on a thorough intake and evaluation, design individualized treatment plans specifically tailored to your needs, and take ample time not only to treat you, but to educate you about your health concerns and ways to prevent them in the future.
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