Fort Worth

Inspired Holistic Therapies
Barbara Borchardt
Street Address:
8313 Monterra Ranch Drive, #2113
Fort Worth
Barbara is a highly intuitive healer with a passion for Chinese Medicine & complete body harmony. As a never ending learner, her expertise encompasses other modalities including emotional release protocols such as PSYCH-K® and SRT; allergy elimination using acupuncture and BioSet; use of Quantum Touch, Reiki, SCENAR and cold laser protocols, nutritional/herbal & non-toxic products. She holds metaphysical certificates from Delphi University and training from numerous other teachers. Many of her clients are extremely sensitive to environmental changes, have food sensitivities, dramatically feel energy shifts; and those individuals tend to be very, very empathic and unconsciously take on negative energies from others. Body, mind and Spirit in harmony is her goal for each individual. She enjoys the aspects of teaching and empowering her clients with tools and solutions leading to that harmony.

After having practiced with colleagues for 9 years, she opened Inspired Holistic Therapies in April of 2013 in the north Fort Worth/Keller area of North Texas. Her clients come distances of hundreds of miles and count on her connections to do distance work as well. Many text or call her to "check in" with them to see what is going on. Her ability to check in and to send the necessary energy frequencies and/or herbs/supplements saves her clients trips in and resolve issues early on.
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