East West Health Center
Name: Martha Pelletier
Street Address: 1216 13th Ave. W. Village of the Arts
City: Bradenton
State: Florida
Zipcode: 34205
Phone: 941-744-9770
About: As a Registered Nurse and Acupuncture Practitioner, Martha Pelletier can skillfully diagnose and treat clients in need of effective solutions to chronic conditions. She specializes in pain, stress relief, and chronic, stress-related symptoms that interfere with the ability to heal or live each day with energy and focus.
Name: Guek Charest
Street Address: 5702 Manatee Ave W, Ste A
City: Bradenton
State: FL
Zipcode: 34209
Phone: 941-545-7305
About: We are an acupuncture and Oriental medicine clinic specializing in health and well-being.
Alternative Therapy
Business Name: Alternative Therapy
Name: Ellen Teeter, AP
Street Address: 5801 Braden Run
City: Bradenton
State: Florida
Zipcode: 34202
Phone: 941-727-1500
About: Promote health and happiness with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Needleless treatments, nutritional supplement
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